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Holiday Lashes

Why you need to get your lashes done before you go on holiday It’s that time of year where social media is filled up with #HotdogsOrLegs and #HowsYourMonday posts. And while you sit there secretly hating on those annoying people, you can’t deny that you will do exactly the same when your time comes and […]

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Does your client actually have a lash adhesive allergy?

Lash Adhesive Allergy? We might have some good news for you and your clients! First of all, we need to be very clear: If a client is allergic to Cyanoacrylate (the main ingredient in all lash adhesives), they will not be able to have lash extensions. Now here’s something you may not be aware of… […]

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5 Lash ‘Facts’ That You Definitely Believed.

The world of lashing is amazing. It’s growing faster than most other sectors of the beauty industry and with good reason. It requires talent, passion, patience and not to mention the obvious, the beautiful end result a set of lashes gives the client. We love it, we hope you love it and long may it […]

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Life Before Lashes

Hands up who has had a message from a client or potential client after 9pm? My guess is 99% of you. Balancing work and life is one of the most difficult things to do when you are passionate about your work. Especially when a goal of your work is to create a better life for […]

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Lash Adhesive In This Weather

Lash Adhesive in this weather. We have seen a lot of lash technicians struggling with their lash adhesive and lash retention recently. Often spending hundreds of pounds trying different adhesives to no avail. So why, all of a sudden, is this happening? Summer time for everyone is the best time of year. Sunbathing, tans, relaxing […]

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A quick guide to Lash Lifting

A quick guide to Lash Lifting. It’s one of the fastest growing treatments in our industry and you can see why. It’s quick, great value and works! Your clients can get longer looking curlier lashes that last 6-8 weeks! The video below only shows the perming and setting process. You can also tint and nourish […]

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Which adhesive is right for you?

How many times have you seen the question,’What’s the best lash adhesive?‘ Followed by lots of different suggestions and opinions? We are guessing a lot of times! Did you know, there is NO right answer. There is no such thing as the ‘Best Lash Adhesive‘. The best thing you can do is research. Find out what adhesive […]

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How to clean your adhesive lid

How to clean your adhesive lid. Have you used every trick in the book to keep your adhesive lid unclogged and working correctly, but somehow, it still ends up getting all blocked up? We feel your pain. If you want tips on keeping your bottle working as it should, read this: Tips on keeping your […]

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LashBase Survey

We know your time is very valuable, so we’ll keep this short… To help us improve the services we offer, please can you answer these 6 very simple multiple choice questions. Loading… Thank you for taking the time to answer. Have a great day!

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Life as a Lash Mum

Life as a Lash Mum. Did you know, 98.2% of our customers are women. With a large majority of that aged between 21-35 and mothers! So, to celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, apart from running a special discount (see here), we have decided to find out a little bit more about what it’s like to be […]

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How to make more money without doing any more work

Everybody wants to earn more money right? How about earning more money for doing the same amount of work? If you answered yes then keep reading… We are going to have a little look into ways that you can maximise your profits and boost your business immediately, without having to add another 10 hours onto […]

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Lash Adhesives. Where are they made?

Do you know where our No.1 range of Lash Adhesives are made? Korea? Nope. China? Nuh uh. Vietnam? Guess again… Here’s a hint:       That’s right! Our No.1 branded adhesives are made right here in the UK! Our lash adhesives are safety assessed to the General Product Safety Directive – by an independent […]

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Official LashBase Ambassador – Rachel Doyle

We have a new Official LashBase Ambassador to introduce to you… Meet Rachel Doyle of The Devon Lash Dolls. Since the launch of our Ambassador program, we have had lots of customers get in touch with requests to join the team. However, it is Rachel that stood out to us for three reasons; Firstly, her […]

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Increasing Your Treatment Prices

Increasing your treatment prices. It can be a daunting experience, but it is something that everyone has to go through at some point in their lash careers. You know how it is, business rates go up, product prices go up, you become more experienced and your work is 10 times what it was when you […]

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Official LashBase Ambassador – Ava Reeves

We are very excited to announce that Ava of Ava Scarlett Beauty is our very first Official LashBase Ambassador! Ava has been a customer of ours for a couple of years now, but we chose her as our first ambassador because she shares the same drive, enthusiasm and values that we do here at LashBase. […]

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PNP Acrylic Nails by LashBase

Everyone knows about the quality of our lashes, so we wanted to create some awareness to our equally professional Acrylic Nails products. We had the pleasure of meeting Sammi Garland and got to watch and film her using our very own PNP Acrylic Products. What do you think?

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