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how to clean you adhesive lid

How to clean your adhesive lid

How to clean your adhesive lid.

Have you used every trick in the book to keep your adhesive lid unclogged and working correctly, but somehow, it still ends up getting all blocked up?

We feel your pain.

If you want tips on keeping your bottle working as it should, read this: Tips on keeping your adhesive bottle working well.

However, if you are at the end of your tether and want to know what to do if it ever gets blocked, then this video is your answer…

Please remember, you should never leave an adhesive open, it will spoil it! You can start this cleaning process when you have 2x lids available. 1 from a used/old adhesive bottle and 1 that needs cleaning. That way, you’ll never have to leave an adhesive open and you’ll always have spares.

P.S. Every time you come to the end of a bottle, don’t throw it all away. Save the lid for later!

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