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Life Before Lashes

Life Before Lashes

Hands up who has had a message from a client or potential client after 9pm?

My guess is 99% of you.

Balancing work and life is one of the most difficult things to do when you are passionate about your work. Especially when a goal of your work is to create a better life for you and those around you.

So, here’s a short story about a very typical day in a Lash Artist’s life…

You wake up at 7am, 4 messages on your phone, 2 from regulars, 1 from a potential new client and 1 from a family member. 1 of your regulars wants to move their appointment, the other wants to know what ‘Volume lashes’ are. The new client wants to know if you can book her in at the weekend and your family member is reminding you to bring the salad to the BBQ this Saturday. You reply as quickly as you can to them all and then proceed to get ready for your first client of the day.

You quickly eat a bit of ‘warm bread’ as the toaster was taking forever, then you continue to rush around putting your hair up and clearing up last night’s mess. Just as you finish that last mouthful, the door bell goes. It’s your first client of the day and she still has last night’s make-up on.

After considering slamming the door in her face, you let her in and start washing the make-up off her eyes so you can do your job properly. The next 2 hours fly by and Client 1 is done. Happy days.

Time for a cuppa. Wrong. Client 2 is half hour early and wants you to start asap as she’s in a rush. You reluctantly oblige and decide that you’ll just have a cuppa with lunch instead. Client 2 is done, happy and off out the door. Lunch time!

The kettle goes on, you open the fridge. ‘Ding Dong’. Someone’s at the front door. You walk towards your front door wondering if it’s your latest order of lash products being delivered. Fingers crossed as you are running low. ‘Hey, I know I am really early but I was in the area and wondered if you could squeeze me in now?’ says your client that isn’t supposed to be due for half an hour. Again, you think about slamming the door in her face, but you don’t, and in she comes for her appointment.
You shut the fridge door as you walk past and grab a biscuit instead. You then get started on Client 3.

Client 3 is done, very grateful and rebooks for an infill. You look at your phone and see that somehow you are running behind, even though Client 3 was early. Your next client is due in 5 minutes!

That’s just enough time to have another biscuit and wait for Client 4. 15 minutes pass as you sit swivelling on your lash stool. You look at your phone, no messages or calls. Half an hour has now passed, which makes you angry as you could have had lunch in that time! So you decide to give her a ring to make sure everything is okay. No answer. After an hour of waiting, with Client 4 nowhere to be seen, you decide to start prepping for Client 5 as she is due in half hour.

Client 5 turns up 10 minutes early, which is no big deal as you have been waiting anyway. Just as you put the first Eye Pad on, Client 4 turns up at your front door. You explain that her appointment was an hour and a half ago and that Client 5 is now in and that she has missed her appointment. Client 4 kicks off and explains how she text first thing this morning to change her time and that you agreed. You look at your phone and realise this is true. As you now feel guilty, you apologise and book her for the next available time the client has. Saturday midday. You’ll have to miss that family BBQ, everyone will understand, you think to yourself. Client 4 leaves angry but at least she’s rebooked.

You then go back to crack on with Client 5’s lashes even though you still feel angry at Client 4, guilty, hungry and also annoyed at yourself. Client 5 is done but hasn’t rebooked. You start thinking that it’s because of the whole Client 4 incident. So now you are stressed, angry, hungry, feeling guilty and also annoyed at yourself. But the light is at the end of the tunnel. Client 6, the LAST client of the day and she’s due any minute.

Client 6 arrives, with her 1-year-old child. ‘Sorry’ she says, ‘I couldn’t find a sitter, you don’t mind though, right?’. You start to think about how many doors you could have slammed today but haven’t. In comes Client 6 with baby. 3 hours pass with juggling lashing, baby wrangling and having Client 6 vent about their life. Client 6 leaves, lashes done and rebooks. Nice.

You take a quick look at the time and it’s 9pm! 5 out of 6 clients have nice lashes, you have eaten 1 warm bit of bread and 2 biscuits and you are stressed, angry, guilty, and annoyed.

You finally have that elusive cup of tea that you have been trying to make since 8am and then your phone starts to ring and vibrate.

Client 2 says her lashes have already fallen out and that she wants a refund. Client 6 has realised she needs to rearrange her infill and your family member is asking if you can also bring some crisps to the BBQ too.

You have a bit of back and forth with Client 2 to find out that she went straight from her appointment for a swim and sauna. You try to explain what’s happened but she isn’t happy and wants a free appointment tomorrow. For some unknown reason, mainly guilt, you rebook her for after Client 6 the next day at 9pm.

Client 6 can’t do the original time she asked for and suggested that you do a 7am appointment otherwise she’ll have to go elsewhere. You fear losing the client, so you agree.

And you finally get round to telling your family that you can’t make the BBQ due to work (that you aren’t even being paid for).

It’s now 10:30pm and you haven’t even looked at your Instagram or Facebook business accounts. You decide to spend a bit of time uploading your latest work to keep your social media up to date. It’s now 11:30pm so you decide to have a quick bag of crisps, shower and bed. You have clients first thing after all.

Repeat story over and over until you can’t take it anymore.

So there you have it. A pretty average day in the life of a lash artist.

I am sure a lot of you will be able to relate to the poor lash tech in the story and I hope it drives home that living life in that way is not good for you or sustainable.

I understand that we all need to work to earn money and to live life, but sometimes we forget the balance. You may have heard this saying before but it’s something I live by… Work to live, don’t live to work.

This is why you need to prioritise life over work. Otherwise, you won’t have a life to work for.

In conclusion: Take time off and stick to it. Say ‘no’ once in a while. Have lunch. See your family.

You will notice a massive difference in your health and happiness for the better.

Just remember, you will always get unhappy clients. It happens. So don’t beat yourself up trying to please everyone, all the time.

Look after number one.

Choose life before lashes.

Thank you for reading!

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