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Beauty Guild Awards 2019 – Nominate Us!

Beauty Guild Awards

Beauty Guild Awards 2019 – Nominate Us!

We would like to ask a favour from all LashBase customers and fans.❤️

The Beauty Guild Awards of Excellence is something that we aspire to win each year and it’s always in the back of our minds as we progress through the months and this year has been no different.

We always try to put everything we can into what we do, how we act and what we offer. We don’t do this to get something in return but instead because we hope that our service and efforts make us stand out from the crowd.

That being said, just like now, there comes a time when we do have to ask for something from you. Specifically your vote! We hope that we have provided each and every LashBase customer enough value and also support to gain your support in return. We couldn’t be thankful enough to every single person that spends 2 minutes of their day to vote for LashBase.

You may not think it, but this award and its nominations are what kick-started our biggest growth period to date and it really is something that we talk about and look forward to each year.

So to keep this as short as possible, please follow the link and vote for LashBase. It would mean everything to all the staff here if you would give us your support.

Oh and to be even more cheeky, we’d love to gain a nomination for these 4 categories: Best Lash Supplier, Best Customer Service, Best Use of Social Media and Best Supplier Specific Training. If you feel that we deserve it, that is!

Let us know if you vote so we can say thank you personally!😊❤️

Voting closes 16/01/18. Any other questions, please ask.