How To Clean Lashes

Preparation and Lash Cleansing – Written by LashBase Influencer - Samantha @UniqTouch

Lets talk Lash Prep

The most important part of a lash treatment is the preparation. You need to make sure you are cleaning your clients lashes properly before you begin your application.

Without prep work, your client’s lashes may not adhere properly, causing poor retention.

We’ve all been there, done that. Back in the day, you used to get the standard lash training, on how to apply the lash extensions, but they wouldn’t let you in on how to prep the natural lashes prior to application. I can tell you now, I was one of those, hence why a lot of educational posts and blogs will always help a fellow lash tech in need.

Lash prep is carried out before every client’s full set or infill.

The Lashbase Sensitive Cleanser is an extremely good product to work with. It’s in a foam pump bottle and will release the product easily. Below I will explain how I use the products and why prep work and cleaning the lashes is key.

Step 1.

Make sure your client has removed all their eye make up.


Ask your client to lay down on your beauty couch and close their eyes.

Step 3.

I always hold the side of the clients your clients face that I am working on, this is to prevent making them jump when the product touches their eyes. I will then dispense 1-2 pumps of the cleanser onto my client’s lashes.

Step 4.

With LashBase Cleansing Brush, I will work the product into the clients lashes to ensure that all oil and make up residue is removed.

Step 5.

I will use Lashbase Cleansing Bottle that will be pre-filled with distilled water and I gather a couple of sheets of kitchen roll. I'll get my client to lean to the side on the eye that I am wanting to wash away the product on and hold the kitchen roll on the side of the face. I will then pour water onto the client's eye, washing away the cleanser, and catching the water in the kitchen roll so it doesn’t drip down their face. I will then wipe the client's eye with the kitchen roll, get a new sheet, and repeat the process again. I do this twice because I like to make sure that all the product has been removed and no cleanser is left on the natural lashes.

Step 6.

Once I have made sure that no product is left on the clients lashes, I will ask my clients to open their eyes and will apply the under eye pads / tape as normal.

Step 7.

I will use LashBase LashNeutral pH Balancer. As stated in the description on the website, if your client has lashes that are too acidic, your lash adhesive will set slower and cause adhesive bonds to shrink and become weak, resulting in poor retention. And if your client's lashes are too alkaline your lash adhesive will set too fast and unevenly which will also result in poor retention.  So the Lash Neutral PH Balancer will be a lifesaver! It will create the perfect PH Neutral surface for the best possible performance. I apply this product by using 2 microfibre-brushes to swipe the product from the base to the tip on the bottom and the top of the lashes. (The same way you use a primer)

Things To Remember

Do not over saturate the lashes.

Allow the lashes to dry for 1-2 minutes before you apply the lash extensions to the natural lashes. Or you can use LashBase Pro Fan to dry the lashes.

If you don’t normally prep your client’s natural lashes and have retention issues, I can guarantee the above steps will help you!

I really hope this blog post helps, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me on Instagram @UniqTouch and I'll be happy to help.

Samantha x