How To Stay Motivated During Lockdown as a Lash Artist

How To Stay Motivated During Lockdown as a Lash Artist 

Written By Lucy Contessa (LashBase Influencer)

Right now it is a tough time for everyone with everything going on. It has especially hit the beauty sector hard with everyone out of work and no date in the foreseeable future to be able to open.

I just wanted to give you all my thoughts on how to keep motivated during these times, and what has helped me.

Stay Social

When you are going through a down period, you might want to stay quiet and off of social media. That is perfectly fine, and you should give yourself some you time. But it is best not to block out all your social interaction.

I have found during these tough times interacting with other lash artists on social media has really lifted my spirits. Just giving someone a message about how gorgeous their ‘Throwback Set’ they just uploaded is, can give someone the boost they need. When you start interacting you will see the interaction come straight back.

Groups such as ‘Team LashBase’ are a great way to interact and chat to lash artists. You may be able to help someone or pick up some great tips and tricks yourself.


Always Learn

Even though we are unable to work that doesn’t mean we have to stop learning and bettering our skills.

There are many online courses you can partake in so when your back to work you can add a new treatment to the list. I would also recommend looking out for online masterclasses that get advertised. In lockdown 2 ‘LooksByLOL’ held a really good online masterclass which was only £10 and I learnt so much.

Manuals are a great way to learn new skills. A few lash artists such as Vicky Rugg (The Little Book of Lash Magic) and Tara Fisher ‘Farnhameyelashes’ (An Introduction to Layering & Blending) have their own manuals to purchase and I highly recommend these. They will teach you new skills to help you develop further. Alternatively, books and podcasts are a brilliant way to learn more and some can be very relatable. I love LashBase’s podcasts as well as Joanna Lee’s (Flashlash_beauty)  You can listen to these both through Spotify.


Creating Content

You may think to yourself, ‘well I cannot work so how am I suppose to create new content?’ I did think this as well at the beginning. It’s about thinking outside the box.

Did you know you can reuse the same last picture so many times? You can zoom in, flip it around or add it into a collage. No one will ever know!

Adding personal stories such as what you’ve got for dinner or your OOTD (even if it’s such a set of new pyjamas) for me this is a great way for my clients and fellow lash friends to interact with me.

Creating IGTV’s/ Reels of your ‘stay at home glam’ or setting up a new website. I mean when are you ever going to have the time to get this done again?


Side Hustle

Create a side hustle for some extra income at the moment such as selling  products like lash tiles or create custom handmade strip lashes. Not only will you make some extra income but it will also fill in your spare time.


I hope you all found my thoughts on ways to stay motivated helpful, and I am always here for a chat and especially during these tough times. You can contact me on my Instagram @LucyContessaMUA