Method in the Madness: Fan Making Techniques

Every volume lash artist knows that mastering the art of fan making takes time and patience. So we’ve put together a few fan making techniques that you can practice at home or in your lash room. This way you can keep up your skills and you’ll have your chosen technique mastered in no time.

Let’s talk tweezers.

First things first, let’s talk tweezers. Tweezers are one of the most important things that can aid you in making the perfect fan. Finding the perfect tweezers takes a bit of trial and error. There is a vast range of volume tweezers to choose from, but don’t be put off, it just means that there is something out there for everyone. Every lash artist works differently so it’s just about picking what suits you best! Like everything “what suits one lash artist, doesn’t suit another” so it is worth trying a few pairs to find out what fits your hands and suits your chosen fanning technique. A few good things to check are grip, biting point, angle, closure and hand tension

Tweezers sorted you can then move on to making your fans. There are a number of different techniques used for fanning lash extensions. Fans can be made on or off the strip. Practicing a few different methods will help to decide which technique suits you best.

Push and Bloom

For this method and any of the strip methods you will need to use either glue dots or Sellotape Sticky fixers.

• Carefully grab some lashes and gently pull them forward half way

• Slide the tweezers down further and pull them off the strip. Ensure that the base is straight, together and not uneven or split.

• Push the base into the sticky pad at 45° angle and let go.

• As it bounces back the lashes should pop open into a fan and bloom like a flower.

• If you require the lashes to be wider, use your tweezers to manipulate a little.

• Take hold of the fan securely and pull it off gently so it remains fanned at the top and a nice V point at the base and place on the natural lash.

The following 3 methods can be achieved on the strip or on a sticky dot / double sided sticky tape.


Push to the left and with the point of your tweezers at the base carefully and gently roll across to the right creating your perfect fan.


With the point of your tweezers grip the extension at the base. Keeping them closed gently wiggle from left to right enough times to fan the lashes apart.

Lean and Pick Up

Push to the left and then with your tweezers at the base, fan them back to the right, gently picking to create your perfect fan.

Finger Method (pinching, finger roll)

For this method ensure your hands are washed well and kept clean throughout the application using a sanitising hand gel. Any oils or residue from your fingers can affect the retention and application.

• Remove a few lashes from the strip with a firm grip.

• Place the lashes in-between your thumb and fore finger.

 • Squeeze the base gently and release tweezers enough for your fingers and tweezers to have control of the lashes.

• Pinch and roll the lashes with your fingers enough to gently rotate them into a fan.

• Keep the tweezers closed gently wiggle them from left to right to assist.

 • Make sure you are holding them from the sides of the extension and not from the front and back.

 • This will create a good fine point at the base.

• With your tweezer, grip the extensions just where it comes out from your finger and place on the natural lash.

We hope this post has helped. If you’re at home practicing your fans then we would love to see! Make sure to tag us @LashBase_Uk on Instagram so we can see your creations!