Pre VS Pro Made Fans

As the UK’s largest lash supplier, we want to ensure our customers have the highest quality and range of products to choose from. A product that is used often by one Lash Artist, might be something unknown to another, so we want to give you as much information as possible about all of our collections!

We get many questions on Pre and Pro Made Fans, so wanted to clear a few things up with this blogpost. First things first, IT’S OK TO USE PRE/PRO AND HANDMADE FANS! Fans are perfect for creating stunning, textured sets without spending too much time on one client. This is due to the fact that the Lash Artist is not needing to worry about creating the fans themselves. With a soft, matte appearance, the fans work by adding drama and dimension to a lash look.

Whether you are looking to purchase Pre Made Fans or Pro Made Fans, each are made to a high-standard and are available to help Lash Artists carry out volume sets in a speedy time.

The difference between Pre and Pro Made Fans is asked often, so we thought this blogpost will make it easier to explain! If you’re an avid podcast listener, we also have podcast which you can access here.

If you want to know the difference between both fan types, please keep reading!

What is the difference between Pre-Mades and Pro-Mades?

The main difference is the manufacturing process. Pre-Mades are created using a tool which makes the fans symmetrical. The process for this is long and the labour costs are very high, which can be the reason for why they cost more. 

Pro-Made Fans are simply handmade fans created by professionals at scale. The process is efficient and cost-effective, meaning that we can offer those savings to the end user making Pro-Mades great value. There is more of a handmade process to create Pro-Mades, which can mean an increase in speed to make them and a decrease in price to sell them.  

Another difference is that Pre Made Fans are heat bonded, allowing the lashes to be applied to the natural lash with one dip of adhesive. 

There is a miscommunication of what a Pre-Made and Pro-Made Fan is. ‘Pro-Made Fan’ is a term which came from meaning the Lash Artist makes each fan by hand, themselves, for their clients. They would dip them in adhesive and store them for lash sets. The ‘Pre’ and ‘Pro’ terms help us to distinguish whether a fan has been handmade or not. Since this, Pre-Made Fans have come to be known as Pro-Made, by brands who believe their fans are of a higher quality than handmade (confusing, we know!!). Due to this, there has been a confusion as to what is what! How we distinguish them is that the Pre-Mades come in a tray and Pro-Mades come in a pot, I hope this clears it up!

Are there different types of each fan?

Yes, we offer different ranges depending on your skill and the results you are looking to achieve. 

Can you mix Pre-Made and Pro-Made?

Yes! You can mix any combination of Pro-Mades and Pre-Mades. You can also mix Classic Lashes to create stunning hybrid sets. Pro-Made Fans are also ideal to supplement your handmade Russian volume sets to save time on appointments. Perfect if your client doesn't have a lot of spare time!

Do Pro-Made and Pre-Mades apply the same?

The fans have the same application to the lash, just ensure that you have enough adhesive. The main key to great fan retention is to make sure that the bases are not lifted off of the natural lash. If you are struggling with this, you can attach on the underside or side of the natural lash too. Each collection is  available in short (wide fans) for a fluffy look or long root (narrow fans) for a dense, thick lash line.

Is retention the same for Pro-Made and Pre-Made?

Whether you are using Pro-Made or Pre-Made fans, this should have the same retention. Pro-Made and Pre-Made fans share the same fibres with which they are created, there is no reason to suggest that the material fibres of the lash will cause any difference in retention. This applies to the fans when the are applied correctly*

When it comes to retention, the things that may affect it include the adhesive used, getting the perfect bond, using the correct technique and how the lashes are applied. We have a blog on how to resolve any retention issues, click here to read.  

If you have any questions regarding our Pro Made Fan collection, click here for our FAQ’S. If you have any questions regarding our Pre Made Fan collection, please click here for more info!

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