Pro Made Updates

So, as you may have noticed, the Pro-made extensions you all know and love have been unavailable for quite some time and we wanted to let you all know why!

We are led by lash artist feedback and love being a brand driven by our customers.
Although the view of our Pro-Made since launch has been overwhelmingly positive, we are always on the look for ways to improve what we offer so that we can evolve to be better for you, so over the past few months we have been working to develop the quality of our Pro-Mades.

So, what’s new?

From feedback we received, the previous pots didn’t stack which is an inconvenience for storage! So our design team has worked hard to develop new packaging which can be easily stacked and not take up too much room for storage!

We also found that lids came off easily but are strangely difficult to put back on. We now have compact square boxes with a magnetic lid to secure the lashes inside the boxes!

The pots were also much bigger than they needed to be and we wanted to be mindful of waste. We have reduced the size of the packaging to smaller boxes which hold the lashes perfectly!

Although sometimes this is unavoidable, debris and/or "webbing" ratio in pots from manufacturing was too high!

We received feedback of curls dropping, so decided to retest the lashes at LashBase HQ, where we found that fans (especially the longer lengths) were too susceptible to heat meaning curls dropped if overheated.

Due to these inconsistencies, we had to make the difficult decision to search for a new manufacturer who could guarantee that they could produce our Pro-made fans, which as you can imagine, isn’t a straightforward, speedy process!

All of the "issues" raised above are not as bad as we make the sound but we wanted to share how seriously we take your feedback and then how and why we do what we can to adjust and improve.

Overall, with 50,000 pots of Pro-made now sold, it's safe to say that our Pro-made are industry leading. But just because we are at the top that doesn't mean that we don't strive to improve, always.

We can only further ourselves and develop the quality of our products from the feedback you give us. We are always grateful to receive your opinions because it helps us become better for you!

Now, some bad news,  to save future disappointment and to continue valuing transparency, we unfortunately have very limited stock of our new Pro-made lashes!  This is because we wanted to ensure that they were the best quality that they could be and due to us using a new supplier, we didn't want to take any risks, so our first order was small, therefore we are expecting to sell out quicker than we hoped! Since we have thoroughly tested the lashes at LashBase HQ and we absolutely love them, we have placed our second order which should be with us in the near future!

You can now shop our new Pro-made lashes at - if you want to share your feedback, email us at where our team will always go above and beyond to assist with your enquiry!