Spot The Difference: LashBase Premade Fans

What is the main difference between the LashBase Premade Fans? 

Since launching our New Generation Premade fans we've received a few questions from our community, asking what makes them different to the other Premades we offer. 

We thought this was a great question! So we decided to put together a post which will hopefully offer some answers. 

The LBX Range 

The LBX Premade fans are made from the same synthetic fibres as the LBX collection lash range. So if you're a lash artist who likes working with our LBX lashes then you'll be able to achieve the same look with our LBX Premades.

Our LBX Premade range is available in both short and long root. This means you can create either a natural look (using short root) or a dense look (using long root) depending on the style that you want to achieve. 

The LBX range also has the below benefits: 

  • Tapered to create a softer and lighter lash.
  • True black colour.
  • Mid-range matte finish.
  • Stickiness adjusted for perfect removal.

Our LBX Premades are placed in the tray by the base which limits the tightness of the base (but doesn't impact the overall end result). This also prevents the base from splitting when removing them from the tray. 

MegaFans and ProFans

The MegaFans and new ProFans are created using a new manufacturing method which means they mimic a perfectly created handmade fan with the pointiest of bases for seamless attachment.

They are available as a mid-root so they are ideal for all lash styles and you can also get more fans per tray, making them great value for money. 

All our Premade Fans are vegan-friendly, cruelty free and are made with PBT.  

There's not one range that is better than the other, as always it will all come down to personal preference and how you like to work. 


We hope you found this blog helpful! As always if you have any questions then feel free to send us a message on Instagram @LashBase_UK and we'll be happy to help.