Tips for Lashing Mature Clients

If you have been a lash artist for a while, you'll know that over your career you lash for a variation of clients. No client's lashes are the same, and some can be more challenging than others. Mature clients can sometimes fall into this category, they may well have hooded eyelids as well as sparse and thinning lashes and are considered to have one of the most challenging lashes to lash.

Lashing mature clients can be difficult, but we've put together some tips and advice which will hopefully make you feel more confident and comfortable when faced with more mature lashes.


Firstly, advise your client not to drink any coffee before they attend their appointment. If your client is new they may not realise that this can have an effect on the lash application. By advising them of this, it will prevent flickering eyes and make the client more relaxed. Therefore making the application process easier and quicker for you.

Just like any lash appointment - preparation is key. You want to make the lash application process as easy as possible. If you have a mature client booked in, it might be likely that they have loose skin on their eyelids. This can sometimes make it difficult to see the lash line. However, a top tip for this is to use micropore tape. Simply press one end down close to the lash line, then pull the tape slightly, lifting the lid up and press down the other end close to the brow line (we have a video on this over on our YouTube Channel which explains in more detail).

Choosing your Curl

When lashing a mature client, you may want to think about switching up your curls. For example, try to avoid using D Curls which are used for an extreme looking lash line. It's likely that your client will prefer a natural look, so it's worth considering this before you begin the treatment. As well as this a D curl will likely touch the eyelids and cause discomfort and irritation, which will be uncomfortable for your client. We recommend opting for a C or CC Curl at most.
M and LL Curls are a good choice for a client with hooded eyes, and great for downward-pointing and straight lashes. So it may be worth choosing these curls when lashing a mature client who has these lash characteristics.

Keep it short

Long lashes do not mean fuller lashes. A common thing you'll find with mature clients is that sometimes they will have thin or sparse lashes. So by keeping the lengths of your extensions short, you will create a fuller effect on thinner lashes. Another tip is to add a few shorter lengths on the outer corners to give the eye a more youthful look. Lash retention will also be affected if you opt for longer lengths. By adding a longer, thicker extension to a client’s thin lashes will result in the lash extensions not lasting as long as they should so it's best to keep them short. We recommend using 0.10mm – 0.12mm thicknesses on naturally thin lashes.

Managing Expectations

It's important to manage expectations both for yourself and for the client. You have to think about the client's natural lashes if their sparse and thin then you need to consider how much weight they can take. You may be tempted to create bigger fans, however, we would advise not to do this. Natural 3D fans are a better option for more mature clients. If creating your own fans try and keep the base short and wide or if you use Premade fans, opt for a short root.

We hope this post has given you some help and tips when faced with a mature client. We also have a number of videos over on our YouTube channel which may help to, you can check them out on the link here