Where are all the Premade Fans?

Let's talk about the Premade fan shortage...

If you're a LashBase lover, you'll know that we've been out of our Premade fans for a long time now! The Premade fan shortage has been a big topic in the lash world recently, and it's affecting all lash brands. 

We always like to be transparent, so we thought we would put together a blog to explain the reasons why there's a shortage of Premade fans at the moment. 

Our Premade fans are made and manufactured in China and Korea. However, over the last few months, the effects of the global pandemic have had a significant impact on production. This, combined with the political issues between China and Korea has meant there has been a delay and shortage in the supply of a key material used in the production of Premade fans. 

In addition to the shortage in key materials, the Premade fan manufacturing process has also been affected. This is due to the first stage of Premade fans being made in Korea and then finished in China before they are shipped to the UK. 

The most affected products are the mega volume sizes, but this situation has had an impact on all sizes which has caused a huge delay in stock reaching our warehouse. 

We don't want to be out of stock, as we always want to provide our community with the lashes they need for their clients. Unfortunately, this issue has hit all lash brands across the world and not just LashBase, and we know this has had a huge effect on the industry as a whole.

We understand this is incredibly frustrating for everyone, we're frustrated too! However, due to the newest variant of Covid hitting Korea, we anticipate further delays.

The good news is that we have plenty of stock of the following trays: 

7D Pre Made Mega Volume Fans Single Lengths 

8D Pre Made Mega Volume Fans Single Lengths 

3D Pre Made Volume Fans - Standard Tray 

4D Pre Made Volume Fans - Standard Tray 

Alternatively, if anything, the current shortage highlights the importance of handmade volume. So if you want to have a practice at making your own fans, we recommend these: LBX Volume Collection lashes in 0.07

We will be sure to update everyone as soon as we have further updates. Please keep an eye on our social media pages, as we'll be posting as soon as we have any news.   

As always if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Instagram @LashBase_UK and our team will do our best to help.