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National Beauty Awards

Vote for us at the National Beauty Awards

We would like to ask all of our LashBase customers and fans a small favour.

We have been nominated for 3 categories at this year’s National Beauty Awards and we would love to win 1 or even all 3!

All of us here at LashBase put everything we can into what we do, how we act and what we offer. The reason we do this isn’t to get something in return but instead because we hope that our service and efforts make us stand out from the crowd.

With that said, there comes a time when we do have to ask for something from you, and that is your VOTE!  We hope that we have provided each and every LashBase customer enough value and also support to gain your recognition in the form of a vote. CLICK HERE TO VOTE

In return, if we win, we will enter you into a prize draw to WIN a year’s supply of lash products!

All you need to do to enter is post the image below on Instagram and tag us (@lashbase_ltd) and also use the following hashtags #NationalBeautyAwards #LashBase so we can find you!

The 3 categories we have been nominated for are:

Best Lash Brand
Best Customer Service
Best Use of Social Media

If you feel that we deserve to win, please vote for us. If you do vote, let us know, so we can say thank you personally!

Competition Terms: Draw for the winner of a years’ supply of lash products will be made 31/05/18 (if LashBase win a category). The winner will be contacted directly via Instagram. The prize is calculated based on average customer spend per month. £65 x 12 = £780 worth of LashBase products valid 31/05/18 – 31/05/19.

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Spring Lash Shed


Spring Lash Shed.

Twice a year, Spring and Autumn, our bodies react to the changing seasons. Our bodies decide it’s time to shed our hair (including our lashes) faster than usual to adjust to the new temperatures and/or increase in sunshine.

Unfortunately, this means that your lashes may fall out faster than usual, resulting in lashes not lasting as long and also the need for a shorter time between infills.

Don’t worry though, this will only last for one or two lash cycles and you and your clients will be back to normal before you know it!

Our advice is to explain this to your clients before each appointment. This will manage expectations and also provide a reason for infills to be booked sooner than they are used to.

If you have any questions or want more info, get in touch!

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So You’ve Got a Faulty Lash Adhesive?

Faulty Adhesive

You’ve been sent a faulty lash adhesive. Or have you?

This may be a controversial subject but we hope this article helps with getting to the bottom of some common adhesive issues that we all suffer with from time to time…

To start this off, we’d like to state that we are talking about all EU regulated lash adhesives, not just ours. So this blog should help you no matter what brand you currently use.

We bet that at some point in your lash career you have been faced with some form of lash related issue. Here are some of the most common that you have probably experienced before:

1. A regular client suddenly has poor retention.
2. Your adhesive isn’t working as it used to, even though you buy the same one each time.
3. You were recommended a certain adhesive by several other lash artists but you can’t get on with it.

Most of the time, with these 3 issues, the go-to answer is often ‘It’s obviously a faulty glue‘.

If that’s what you believe, you then have to go through the hassle of contacting the supplier to complain, which is an inconvenient draw on your valuable time. The supplier will then either organise a replacement, ask to get it back in for testing or worst of all, ignore your issue (We can’t believe some suppliers do actually just ignore customer complaints, but that’s another story).

After contacting the supplier, you then worry about the other appointments that are booked in. How can you do those appointments if your adhesive is faulty, right? You may even consider re-doing your clients that had poor retention for free when you sort out the adhesive problem.

All of this adds stress to your already busy day and takes up more of your time, effort and potentially, your money.

This will lead you to feel let down by the supplier and anxious about future clients appointments. A horrible situation all caused by “faulty lash adhesive”.

Sound like something that’s happened to you before? Well here’s the kicker… it doesn’t need to happen and you don’t need to worry. Let us tell you why…

(Here’s the controversial part)

If you buy your adhesive from a supplier that stocks EU regulated, compliant, made within the EU adhesives, there is a 99% probability that you will NOT get a ‘bad batch’.

EU adhesives are manufactured and bottled in such a regulated and controlled way, that it is near on impossible for there to be problems or faults during the manufacturing process.

So if the adhesive you use isn’t working for you, we want you to feel confident in knowing that it is almost definitely NOT down to an adhesive fault and more likely down to environmental, storage or application issues.

The best course of action is to consider what may have changed for the adhesive to suddenly stop working?

There are literally tens, if not hundreds of reasons as to why your adhesive isn’t working as it should but here are a few considerations. Some are extremely likely and other are less likely but still a possibility.

Temp/Humidity – This one should be commonly known, but if you were trained over 3 years ago, temperature and humidity control may not have been taught. For your adhesive to work well, your environment needs to be at a specific level. The optimal levels for your adhesive should be easily available from your lash adhesive supplier. Keep the temperature and humidity right and you’ll notice a huge increase in the performance of your adhesive.

Incorrect Storage – Your adhesive needs to be stored in a safe and correct way at all times. This is normally in a cool dark space or even a vacuum sealed container (ask your supplier for ideal storage conditions). If you are mobile and leave your adhesive in your car overnight then your adhesive will not last. Alternatively, if you lash in a conservatory, do not leave your adhesive in the conservatory overnight or through the day as it will also go bad. Just one lapse in storage conditions is enough for the adhesive to go bad, so make sure you make a conscious effort to store your adhesive correctly. This goes for Keeping the lid secured at all times and also making sure you replace it quickly after every use.

Speed of Application – All adhesives work differently, some are slow and thick and others are fast and thin. Each adhesive will dry at different speeds and will even change speed depending on your temperature and humidity. As mentioned above, if your environmental or storage conditions are not perfect, the adhesive will behave differently than you are used to. If the adhesive sets before you place the extension on the natural lash, you’ll get poor retention. Get to know the speed of your adhesive and adjust your technique accordingly.

Client Natural Lashes – Your adhesive will not work the same on a client with dry thick lashes compared to a client with oily thin lashes. As you know, every client is different which is why we use different lash styles, but the same goes for adhesive. You need to assess your clients natural lashes before you start and then prep the lashes correctly for your adhesive to work the best it can.

Adhesive is Old/Gone Off – Adhesives have a shelf life, a ‘once opened use by’ date and a suppliers recommendation. If you are using your adhesive outside of these parameters, it will not work as it should. This is why most suppliers now recommend replacing your adhesive every 4 weeks! This is because every time you open your adhesive, oxygen gets into the bottle and will slowly but surely make the adhesive go off. When you receive and open a new adhesive, make a note of the date and then be sure to replace it within the specified time, even if you still have some left.

Recently Switched Brand – Changing your adhesive from one supplier to another brings several potential issues. You’ll need to adjust everything already mentioned above and change your technique to suit. If you buy a new adhesive and then continue as normal without thinking about your new adhesives optimal conditions, you’re asking for trouble. All adhesives behave differently so if you swap supplier, make sure you know how to use it before getting started.

Client Aftercare – This one can’t be controlled by you but it is definitely worth noting. Clients LIE. Of course, they won’t admit that the lashes falling out was their fault and you can’t blame them. So to keep client aftercare issues to a minimum, thoroughly explain to the client, during the appointment, exactly how to look after their new lashes. Spending money on new adhesive is not needed if it just so happens that your client left the lash appointment and headed to a steam room.

Seasonal Weather Changes – We’ll keep this short as this issue isn’t that frequent. Changes in seasons affect our bodies, including our hair (eyelashes). Lashes fall out at different speeds through different times of the year. This can affect retention of lashes. Lash adhesive can take up to 24 hours to fully cure. So leaving a lash appointment and heading out into Baltic conditions can also affect adhesive performance.

Didn’t Shake Before Use – This one is simple. SHAKE YOUR ADHESIVE. If you don’t, your adhesives ingredients will not be mixed correctly and therefore will not work as it should. A vigorous shake for 1 minute (or 2 seconds on the LashBase Shaker) will do the trick.

Not Replacing Glue Blob – This fits in with the adhesive going off section. Once your adhesive is in the presence of oxygen, it starts to go off. If you do not replace your adhesive blob regularly enough (every 10-15mins depending on temp/humidity) the adhesive will not work as it should.

Now don’t get us wrong, with all the regulations and quality control in place, there is always the smallest possibility of an error. The point we want to try and get across is that there are, without a doubt, more likely reasons as to why your adhesive isn’t behaving as it should. And it could save you time, stress and money if you can figure out what the issue is so that you can work with your adhesive and not against it.

We have written this blog in the hope that we can help you understand the issues that can arise when lashing and give you the knowledge to move forward with confidence so please let as many lash artists know about this blog as possible.

And lastly, as always, let us know what you think. If you agree or disagree, we’d appreciate your opinion, feedback and any experiences you’ve had with lash adhesives.

Thanks for reading.

Note: Lash Adhesives manufactured outside of the EU is another story entirely.

All LashBase Adhesives are manufactured in the EU and fully compliant with all EU regulations.

Browse our range here: LashBase Adhesives

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How to increase your earning potential

How to increase your earning potential

If you don’t already retail to your clients, it may be time to start thinking about your earning potential! Want to earn an extra £7,800 a year? If your answer is a “YES” read on…

Retailing products to your client will be beneficial to you and your client! Why?

  • Good aftercare will ensure that their lashes last longer… if they last longer, they are happier, and if they are happier, you guessed it, they come back for more!
  • Clean lashes mean less time on your couch, which is best for you and the client, although we all love a lash nap
  • Most importantly for you, retailing products will increase your profit turnover.

What products can you retail?

We stock a number of products that your clients will absolutely love, one of our favourites is the No.1 Purified Cleanser at 5 for £49.99 (£10 each) which have an RRP of £20. So you could make up to £10 per client extra, just by doing them a favour and helping them look after their lashes! Here are our calculations – £10 x 3 clients a day x 5 times a week x 52 weeks a year = £7,800 extra

We have a whole host of retail and after-care products available which can help your pockets and your client’s lashes, so take a look HERE.

People tend not to like a hard sell, which is why it is important to get it right when selling your products. Here are some tips to help you sell without selling.

Share your love of the product, tell them about your own experiences of using the product and why it’s a favourite

Educate your clients as to why the product will benefit them

Give your customers time to consider the product, allow them to make their own decision. Appearing overly pushy is a turn-off for many buyers


Has ‘How to increase your earning potential’ helped you? Will you start retailing your products? Let us know, or if you want more info on any of the retail products please do get in touch, we are always just a phone call away.

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How to Prioritise your Facebook Timeline and see LashBase Posts in 3 Easy Steps

How to Prioritise your Facebook Timeline

If you hadn’t already noticed, Facebook has changed its algorithm, meaning you are already seeing less of our posts… Nooooo!! Don’t worry just yet though as we have a simple solution. We have created this blog to show you how to prioritise your Facebook Timeline and see more LashBase posts in 3 easy steps!

Note: These screenshots were captured in the Facebook app on Android 8.0 but the process is very similar on iPhones IOS and other mobile platforms.

Step 1. On Facebook click through to the LashBase page. A quick way to do this is by typing ‘LashBase’ into the search bar

How to Prioritise your Facebook Timeline

Step 2. Click the ‘Following’ button

How to Prioritise your Facebook Timeline

Step 3. You will be taken to the News Feed Notifications options. Click on the ‘See First’ newsfeed icon.

How to Prioritise your Facebook Timeline

… Hey Presto…. done! It really is that easy!

More about the Facebook algorithm changes

Facebook is changing its algorithms to show you more of your friends and families posts in your News Feed and, in turn, it will be limiting the amount of business page, brands and publisher posts. If you want to learn more about the changes to Facebook, click here.

Thanks for reading ‘How to prioritise your timeline and see LashBase posts in 3 easy steps’, please get in touch with us on Facebook and start a conversation with us about anything lash or business related and we’ll happily give you our time!