Clearance 6D Pre Made Volume Fans – XL Tray (First Generation)

$18.09 $28.96

Amazing value. Time-saving. Beautifully hand-crafted.

Twice the size of a standard tray and 100% more fans.

320 6D Pre Made Volume Fans using our award-winning LBX Collection lashes.

The 6D Pre Made Volume Fans can improve the speed of your application and the quality of finish which means more time for more clients!

Heat bonded allowing the lashes to be applied to the natural lash with one dip of adhesive.

All fans are made using 0.05mm LBX Collection lashes.

Available only in long root (narrow fans) for a dense, thick lash line.

For more info on what makes our premade fans special or to understand what makes each style different, click here.

 (100% synthetic/faux material).

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