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Holiday Lashes

Holiday Lashes

Why you need to get your lashes done before you go on holiday

It’s that time of year where social media is filled up with #HotdogsOrLegs and #HowsYourMonday posts. And while you sit there secretly hating on those annoying people, you can’t deny that you will do exactly the same when your time comes and so you should…

Holidays are a great time to unwind and relax or to experience new things and be active. But however you choose to enjoy your holiday, you always have 2 options… You could go au naturel and not wear any makeup (for comfort) or simply accept that you will have to constantly refresh and redo your face due to sun, sea and sweat. But there is a 3rd option…

Lash Extensions! The answer to all your problems. So take a read of our top reasons for why you should get lash extensions before your holiday.

Goodbye Panda Eyes

The sea or swimming pools are a staple of any holiday and before lash extensions, you either had to accept the panda eyes look or spend your 2 weeks avoiding water touching your face. You are supposed to be relaxing and nothing is worse than the stress of dodging the splash of someone’s miss-thrown ball. With lash extensions, you can swim, dive, dunk and relax knowing that when you pop your head up your lashes and face will still look perfect.

Always Camera Ready

At any moment a friend or family member could whip out a selfie stick or their phone to take a quick holiday snap. Having lash extensions means that the sudden scream of “ahh let me check my face” is a thing of the past. You could be fresh out of the pool and still look like a 10 without even trying.

Night Time Routine

We have all been there. When you have had one too many mojitos and cosmos at the all inclusive bar and decide to flop on to your bed the second you get back in your room, only to wake up with chunks of mascara sticking your face to the pillow. Well with lash extensions, you wake up knowing that you are ready to go, even if your eyes are a bit bloodshot! Which brings us to our next reason…

Woke Up Like This

Been on holiday with your boyfriend before? Noticed how they can just roll out of bed and head straight to the breakfast buffet? Well with lash extensions you can too. Imagine waking up ready to go, just imagine!? The time that you can save in the mornings is one of our personal favourite reason to have your lashes done. You can either choose to have more time in bed (if you drank too much the night before) or get up earlier to get the best sun lounger before ‘Ze Germans’ do!

Hand Luggage Only

Because you can forget about mascaras, eyeliners and other eye makeup, your travel case will be significantly lighter and will work out cheaper too. One less thing to worry about.

Holiday Romance

And lastly, if you aren’t on holiday with your boyfriend, but away on a girls holiday. You could bump into ‘the one’ (well, ‘the one’ for 2 weeks anyway) at any moment. With lash extensions, you will always be prepared, even at 3am. So if you wake up and don’t remember who the guy is next to you (don’t worry, we have all been there) you can be happy in the knowledge that you are ready to walk back to your hotel with locals none the wiser. It’s not the walk of ‘shame’ it’s the walk of ‘#WokeUpLikeThis’

So whatever your reasons for going on holiday. It all becomes easier, less hassle and more fun when you have lash extensions.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your holidays!