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Lash Styling

Every set of lashes provide volume and length to the natural lash, but by applying certain lash styles you are able to enhance the lashes and the eyes just that little bit more.

The styles we will look at in this blog are; Squirrel, Cat, Natural, and Dolly



This look is created by starting short and gradually getting longer with the halfway point being the longest length and then gradually getting shorter again.

Suits: Almond, Close-set, Downturned, Monolid, Hooded, Protruding and Round eyes


To create the illusion of wide set “exotic” eyes, you would use the longest lashes towards the outside edge of the lashes.

Suits: Almond, Close-set, and Round eyes

Applying lash extensions to follow the way in which the natural lashes sit will create fuller and longer looking lashes whilst maintaining the natural eyelash pattern.

Suits: Almond and Upturned eyes


By using longer lengths throughout the midsection of the lashes it will create the appearance of large, open eyes. Hence the name “Dolly”

Suits: Almond and Wide-set eyes


Thank you for reading, please feel free to share with your clients, colleagues, and friends to help explain the different Lash Styles and who is best suited to each one.

Written by LashBase_Amy