Meet The Team

Meet The Team


At LashBase we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without the unwavering loyalty of our customers, there is no doubt about that. However we think it is worth giving a little shout out to our wonderfully amazing staff. The knowledge they have built up is phenomenal and their customer service skills are second to none.

Whether you call into the warehouse to collect your order or phone our sales department, it’s always good to put a face to a name.

So because of this, we thought it would be a good idea if you got to meet the team and learn a little bit about the people that make LashBase, LashBase.

Job Title: CEO – Managing Director

Time with LashBase: Since 2007

What do you enjoy most about your job? I could give hundreds of reasons as to why I love my job, but I think one of the main reasons is because I get to provide products and services that really do help and improve peoples lives, whether that be professionally or personally. As silly as that sounds, it’s true. I have always had a passion for lashes and the beauty industry. I ran a successful therapy business and then went into training others, passing on all my knowledge, but when the opportunity came around to provide our amazing products, I couldn’t turn it down and I haven’t looked back since! LashBase has been running since 2007 and I can whole heartedly say, I love my team, the products and the people we deal with on a day to day basis.

What is your favourite product? Definitely the No.1 Makeup Remover. I personally use it daily. It smells amazing plus its lovely, soft and gentle on my eyes and skin. After using it myself for months and months, I decided to start stocking it for sale on the website. A truly great remover!

What is your favourite food? I would say that I prefer savoury to sweet so my answer to ‘what is your favourite food?’ is 2 answers, Crisps and Cheese. Nothing better than tucking into a big bag of crisps whilst putting my feet up after a hard days lashing and also testing a cheese board with a glass of wine has got to be one of my favourite things to do too. Yum.

What is your favourite film? I love lots of films but if I had to pick one then it would be Miracle of 34th Street. I’ve watched it every year at Christmas time since it was released in 1994. I guess that means I have watched it at least 20 times! And yes I cry Every. Single. Time.

Interesting Fact: I have recently had Quad-Focal lenses fitted which have made my eyes better than they have ever been! lashing (and lots of other beauty treatments) had become tough to perform without having glasses and magnifying lenses, but now I can breeze through a set of Volume lashes in no time at all. I would go as far as saying they are the best investment I have made to date.
Job Title: Office Manager

Time with LashBase: Since 2011

What do you enjoy most about your job? …5pm on a Friday! Only joking! I guess my favourite part of this job is that I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people. I spend the day dealing with customers either by email or on the phone and over the time I have been here, I have made several friendships that will last a lifetime. I really enjoy the conversations and meeting new like minded people. So I guess that would be what I enjoy most.

What is your favourite product? WaWa Paraffin Wax is my favourite, the lavender one to be precise! I actually have it at home and use it regularly. Typing all day and handling boxes can dry out my hands so having a relaxing treatment is the best!

What is your favourite food? I love a good Curry! I try to find healthy versions as I know that curries tend to be unhealthy but nothing can beat a good Indian takeaway and a bottle (or 2) of wine at the weekend.

What is your favourite film? This will shock a lot of people that know me because they would probably guess that I would choose a musical or girly film, but I love The Shawshank Redemption!

Interesting Fact: I once entered X-Factor as a solo artist… I didn’t get through the first audition! That doesn’t stop me singing in office though!
Job Title: COO – Head of Logistics and Warehouse Operations

Time with LashBase: Since 2012

What do you enjoy most about your job? I really enjoy everything about my job, but if I had to narrow it down to one thing, then I would say that working with family to create something successful has got to be my number one. It makes achieving our targets that much more gratifying because we are doing it together. We have always been a close family anyway which really helps when it comes to trust and communication for work related issues. So as much as they can get on my nerves, the comfort and security that comes with our family bond makes working at LashBase a pleasure.

What is your favourite product? As head of all Operations, organisation is important to me. So my favourite products are the Lash Tiles. They make organizing your strips of lashes easy, which obviously makes your job as a technician quicker and more straight forward.

What is your favourite food? I love american food. So give me a plate of Wings, Ribs, Burgers and Hot Dogs with a big side of Cheesy Fries any day of the week.

What is your favourite film? This is a hard one as I am a massive cinema fanatic and go 1-2 time per week, all I can say is my favourite movie I have seen recently would be ‘No Escape’ although I’m sure that will have changed next month!

Interesting Fact: Well this isn’t the most interesting fact but it is very useful… I previously had a job as a delivery driver which has helped me massively with understanding what goes on with the delivery of our goods on the front line.
Job Title: CMO – Head of Marketing

Time with LashBase: Since 2012

What do you enjoy most about your job? The flexibility and independence I have whilst working within an industry that really interests me. I get to travel all over the world to various shows and meet lots of new people. Because of this, I have met some amazingly talented professionals and I truly love the creativity involved in everything beauty related. You really get to see the best of people within this ever growing industry.

What is your favourite product? For me, it has got to be No.1 Extreme Plus Adhesive. We test and trial lots of glues from our manufacturers and even the competition, but this adhesive has stood out for me and that is why we back it so much as a company. It’s good to see that it appears our customers share the same view because it is always our top seller every month and has been since it’s launch.

What is your favourite food? I try to eat relatively healthy throughout the week but when it comes to the weekend, you can’t beat a good old fashioned Burger and Chips!

What is your favourite film? This is a tough one. I am a huge fan of Leo Di-Caprio so I could pick any film that he is in. So I am going to pick 2 favourites as I cannot decide between Inception and The Wolf of Wall Street. Amazing films!

Interesting Fact: I was a test tube baby and have a twin. You won’t believe this but my twin is Dave (Head of Logistics). We couldn’t be more opposite!
Job Title: Chairman

Time with LashBase: Since 2008

What do you enjoy most about your job? I love seeing the business operate at a level where everyone involved is happy and content. Whether that be our staff or our customers. When I see the positive feedback our products and services get, it really makes my day. The team put so much effort into making sure everything works as it should, so getting a pat on the back for doing things right is always a winner in my book.

What is your favourite product? I am really proud of our ‘LashBase No.1’ range of products. I genuinely feel they are the best. Having them safety assessed and properly registered with the CPNP is assurance that they are safe to use. I just couldn’t sleep if we were selling products that had not been through a full UK safety assessment program.

What is your favourite food? It’s got to be old school Steak Pie and Chips. Easy choice.

What is your favourite film? My favourite film would be the original Dumb & Dumber. To be honest, I am more of a TV watcher. Stick me in front of a TV and I’ll binge watch Family Guy and American Dad instead of watching any feature length film if I had my way.

Interesting Fact: I am a fanatical Poker player. I love to travel the world and enter the largest tournaments in the top casinos. Beauty Show in Vegas? I suppose I could com
Job Title: Customer Service and Sales Operative

Time with LashBase: Since 2016

What do you enjoy most about your job? I have only just started but I already feel a massive part of the team! Everyone has been so welcoming. It really makes me enjoy coming to work.

What is your favourite product? Definitely PNP Soak Off Gels. Being a therapist myself, I do a lot of gel nails out of work and the PNP colours are amazing.

What is your favourite food? Love a good Curry!

What is your favourite film? I love romantic films. Dirty Dancing is one of my all time favourites but I could definitely name a few more.

Interesting Fact: I am a fully qualified therapist and trained in Lashes, Nails, Waxing and Massage! I see clients before and after work and squeeze them in at weekends if possible! It can get tiring but as much as I enjoy the extra money, it really is a hobby of mine too!
Job Title: Sales Assistant and Warehouse Operative

Time with LashBase: Since 2013

What do you enjoy most about your job? I’ve got to agree with Jody. The best part of my job is the people I work with. We all get on so well! Office banter is hilarious which really does make work not feel like work at all.

What is your favourite product? I regularly get my nails done so my favourite product is the PNP soak off sachets. They make it so simple to take off my gel nails and they make no mess. Which is perfect for me.

What is your favourite food? Baked Camembert. Gooey, melted, heavenly deliciousness. Pass me the toasted bread chunks and you won’t hear a peep from me until there is nothing left! Love it.

What is your favourite film? I am going old school with this one. My favourite film is Calamity Jane. I love older films and I love musicals so this was an easy choice for me.

Interesting Fact: I am a massive dog lover! I have 3 Miniature Pinschers and will be looking to get number 4 soon. I only get them from a rescue shelter because they house dogs that really deserve a good home and that is what I try to provide!
Job Title: Sales Assistant and Warehouse Operative

Time with LashBase: Since 2013

What do you enjoy most about your job? I am lucky because I work with my best and closest friend (Bev), so that makes everything very enjoyable. But another of my favourite things about this job is the trust and flexibility of the role. If you have an urgent appointment and need to leave early then it is never a problem, but it also works the other way too, if we need to stay late due to a busy discount day then we will without it being an issue. The team here at LashBase really is so strong and hard working, we all have each others backs.

What is your favourite product? Definitely PNP Soak Off Gels. I’ve used lot’s of other brands but the PNP ones are hands down the best. 100% recommend them to any nail techs out there. My favourite colour has got to be ‘Mrs Claus‘, bright and sparkly Pink. Perfect.

What is your favourite food? Cheese & Biscuits! Why can’t they be part of your 5-a-day?? I always try my hardest to eat healthily most of the time but when I have a ‘cheat meal’ then it will always be an assortment of tasty cheese & biscuits.

What is your favourite film? I’ve got to go with P.S. I Love You. Such a lovely film and makes cry every time. Plus it has Gerard Butler in, so that’s a win win in my book!

Interesting Fact: I can speak 4 different languages. English, American, Scottish and Australian.
Job Title: Warehouse Operative

Time with LashBase: Since 2017

What do you enjoy most about your job? I love the variety of products available and being lucky enough to know what’s going on within the industry before most others! If there is a new product coming, I’ll know it. The team here have been very friendly and welcoming and I love that I work for a company that is known for their customer service.

What is your favourite product? My favourite so far are the Collagen Lips Masks! Perfect as a little treat for at home and also for keeping clients quiet! 100% recommend them.

What is your favourite food? A chicken new yorker! For those that don’t know, a chicken new yorker is chicken breast with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce. Lovely.

What is your favourite film? Marvel Films. I have watched every Marvel film out there and can’t wait for all the new ones to come out. Guardians of the Galaxy is my favourite out of them all though.

Interesting Fact: I once had a Tennis scholarship for a university in America but damaged my ankle before I got the chance to go!
Job Title: Sales Assistant and Warehouse Operative

Time with LashBase: Since 2012

What do you enjoy most about your job? Easy question. The best thing about my job is the Staff (friends) I work with. Most of the time it doesn’t feel like work and the days can just fly by! We spend a lot of time outside of work together too. It really is like having a big extended family.

What is your favourite product? I always get my lashes done with the LashBase Flat Lashes, so if you see me then that’s what I will be wearing! I like them because they are applied the same as classic lashes but give a really thick and full appearance.

What is your favourite food? This is a tough question. I would probably say a big traditional roast dinner. I always eat with my family on a Sunday a roast is always on the menu. I probably eat a weeks worth of calories in just one sitting on a Sunday but who cares!

What is your favourite film? I love natural disaster movies so my favourite films are 2012 and Day After Tomorrow. I like all the big CGI stuff, so anything like that is up my street.

Interesting Fact: I am currently in the second year of my Nursing Degree. I have always enjoyed looking after people and want to put my skills to good use. LashBase are very accommodating to my studying needs so I will always be grateful to the flexibility they offer me so that I can pursue my dream.
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