Material Safety Data Sheets

SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and other information.

The information in these documents is to help you understand any particular safety requirements of the products you are using. If one of your clients gets an allergic reaction after treatment, here is the relevant information that should be passed the the client or their medical advisers. The MSDS documentation is supplied to us by the manufacturer. To open or download for printing, click the appropriate link below. Files are pdf format so you will need Adobe Reader.

LashBase Limited are against animal cruelty.
LashBase do not and will not sell products tested on animals.
For Vegan-friendly (or non-friendly) products, see the product Safety Data Sheet ingredients or the list at bottom of page.


Below is a list of products available on our website that may contain non-vegan friendly ingredients (and the ingredient in brackets). We are currently working on vegan-friendly substitutes.

DV Magic Black Coating(Stearic Acid)
DV Glowing Mascara (Stearic Acid)
LashBase No1 Lash Serum (Keratin)
LashBase Lip Mask (Collagen)
LashBase Classic Eyepads (Collagen)
LashBase Hydrogel Eyepads (Collagen)
LashBase No1 Cream Remover (Tallow)
Max2 mascara gold (Glycerine)
Max2 mascara gold (Glycerine, Stearic Acid)
WaWa Pre Wax Treatment spray (Glycerine)