Official LashBase Ambassadors

LashBase Ambassadors

If you want to meet some extremely talented and driven lash artists then you have come to the right place.

We would like to introduce to you, our Official LashBase Ambassadors. Simply click on the drop down boxes and get to know a little bit more about our ambassador squad.

Love LashBase? Have a passion for lashing? Got a good follower base and active on social media? If so, feel free to get in touch by emailing and apply to be our next Brand Ambassador!

Official LashBase AmbassadorMeet Ava Reeves of Ava Scarlett Beauty.

Ava has been a customer of ours for a couple of years now, but we chose her as our first ambassador because she shares the same drive, enthusiasm and values that we do here at LashBase.

Her work with our products speaks for itself, however it is her passion for sharing her talent and hunger for knowledge that really made us sit up and notice.

We hope that our working relationship will be a great platform to show off some of our latest and greatest products and to increase awareness for our products and also Ava’s blossoming business.

Ava will be working with us by testing and reviewing some of our newest products before they hit the website and will also be part of our future videos and marketing campaigns which will benefit both of us.

Check out Ava Scarlett Beauty on Facebook and Instagram now.

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Rachel DoyleMeet Rachel Doyle of The Devon Lash Dolls.

Since the launch of our Ambassador program, we have had lots of customers get in touch with requests to join the team. However, it is Rachel that stood out to us for three reasons; Firstly, her talent in all things lashes, brows and business, secondly her drive and enthusiasm to grow and lastly, the love and loyalty she has shown to our brand over the past year or so.

Rachel has recently opened up her own Beauty Bar and is also an accredited trainer. The risk and faith involved in opening up your own shop is huge, but Rachel is smashing it and that's what we love about her!

Rachel will be testing and reviewing new products for us and also spreading the LashBase love with her talent and product knowledge. We are even hoping to take a trip down to see her this year, so we can film her newest shop in action and find out how she managed to take the leap of faith into the world of shop ownership.

Get in touch with Rachel here:

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Official LashBase AmbassadorMeet Tara Fisher of Farnham Eyelashes.

Tara is a mum of 1, to a 12-year-old football crazy girl.  Whilst working as a civilian officer, 24 years ago she met her, now husband and ended up doing most of his paperwork for him! Love at first sight!!

When Tara isn't lashing shes in the gym! She calls it her safe space!!

After leaving her role as a civillian officer, she became an Estate Agent where she stayed for many many years. It wasn't until she had her daughter Nellie that she took up lashes as she wanted to work from home. She say's it was the best decision she ever made.

You may not know but Tara was one of the first students trained by Wilma Dunn at The Eyelash Emporium nearly 9 years ago (classics) and volume (2014).

Tara has been lashing full time for 9 years now and is fully qualified to teach and confident in both Classic and Volume training, although for now she is just offer mentoring to local techs. She loves teaching, but her passion is actually the lashing!

Tara runs a busy home based salon in Farnham, with at least 60 longstanding regular clients. She is one of only a few volume trained artists in her local area and would now class herself as a lash master.

Tara has a mixed client base of different ages ranging from 25 - 75. Many of her clients have wispy, thin, sparse or hooded eyes so she finds herself putting her skills to the test on an almost daily basis.

Tara, like us, is a strong believer in that you never stop learning. She loves how every trainer has a slightly different approach but the end goal is to give clients the most amazing lashes that they can feel super confident in and take on the world.

Tara is keen to keep up to date with the ever changing industry and has recently trained with Vicky Rugg, Bryony Barclay and in July 2018 she will be amongst the 10 lucky people to be trained by Trina Dial Horne from Maven.

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Official LashBase AmbassadorMeet Mia Clark of Makeup By Mia Clark .

Mia is a 22 year old lash technician from Worthing, who qualified in January 2017. Following on from training Mia threw herself into the deep end and followed her dreams in becoming a full time Makeup Artist and Lash Technician, and has done lashes pretty much every day since qualifying.

Mia grew up within a beauty environment and always knew lashes and makeup was what she wanted to do. It really does show that you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it

Mia has set herself some goals for 2018 which include opening her own salon, which is due to open in March/April 2018 which will be a Hair & Makeup Sudio along with its own lash boutique

Mia would also love to become a LashBase trainer. This is an important goal for her in 2018 as she loves helping people. Watch this space...

Check out Mia Clark on Facebook and Instagram now.

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Official LashBase AmbassadorMeet Katie Humphries of House of KH .

Meet Katie, she is the newest member of the LashBase team, representing us as an Official Ambassador.

Katie started her lash career in 2013, a couple of years after qualifying in NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy. Katie spent 2 years working in Spas to then be recruited at a high street salon where she found her niche; LASHES! After spending years gaining experience, Katie's ultimate goal was to open her own business offering all the things she does best! So this year with a lot of time and hard work, Katie made it happen and opened her own salon, her pride and joy - House Of Beauty based in Derbyshire.

Katie's goals for 2018 are to help all other lovely lash techs with questions and queries to help further their skills and knowledge on all things lashes, aswell as running a busy salon to further her journey in becoming a successful business woman.

Katie truly loves her job she has said that for most part of the time it doesn't feel like work. She is passionate about researching new techniques, styles and products to ensure all her work is kept current. Check out Katie Humpheys on Facebook and Instagram now.

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Official LashBase AmbassadorMeet Kelly Knight of Kelly Knight Beauty.

After 5 years of being a stay at home mum to her two little girls, Kelly decided it was time to do something for herself and get back out into the world of work. After becoming addicted to Lashes she thought it would be a brilliant job to work around family life and also to get into an Industry she had always wanted to be in - beauty.

Kellyfollowed her dreams, and has now been lashing for two years and hasn't looked back, she has said it was the best decision she has ever made.

Kelly took to lashing like a duck to water and loves everything about it. Since her first day in the lash world Kelly used all LashBase products, she feels they are the best quality and price and has always received the best customer care.

Kelly's goals for 2018 is growth. She wants to increase her knowledge in the industry and enrol on courses to keep up to date with techniques and make sure she is hot on what's new.

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Official LashBase AmbassadorMeet Kurtise Wells of Lashes by Kurtise.

Kurtise is a 26 year old, full time, self employed Lash Artist living in Llandudno in North Wales,

Kurtise completed her very first Classic Lash Course in February 2016 and her Volume Course in May 2017, so has been lashing for nearly 2 years. Kurtise began carrying out Lash treatments from home on a part time basis for a year before she took the plunge and became self employed and rented space at the Lash Lounge Bangor. Kurtise has now been self employed and at the lash lounge for nearly a year and is loving every minute of it.

Kurtise has said she is very excited for what 2018 has to bring and couldn't be happier that she has been offered the opportunity to become an Official LashBase Ambassador.

Her goals for 2018 are to become a trainer in semi permanent eyelash extensions and to keep bettering herself with Lashes - especially volume lashes.

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Official LashBase AmbassadorMeet Steph Doughty of Beauty By Steph.

Steph Doughty is our newest lash artist to join our other 7 Official Ambassadors.

Steph has been lashing for approximately 2 and half years from home which is in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. Previous to this she worked in a salon on an employment basis for 4 years.

Steph and her husband started a family quite young, and whilst her husband was at work, Steph stayed home and looked after their daughter.

When Steph's daughter was 2 years old she began thinking about her future and decided to begin studying again completed an NVQ in nail technology she then decided to do an eyelash course. Steph very nearly didn't go on the lash course as she was pregnant with her second child and couldn't stop being sick. Imagine if she didn't go, Barrow-in-Furness would be without a talented Lash Artist!

Steph discovered LashBase around 4 years ago after struggling with not so great products and becoming frustrated, she has said she has never looked back. You can see from her Instagram feed how extremely talented she is

The next step in Steph's career is to start mentoring and maybe even open a salon of her own one day, however she loves the flexibility of working from home, so is undecided.

Check out Lashes by Steph on Facebook and Instagram now.

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Official LashBase AmbassadorMeet Emma Carter of Luxe Lash and Beauty Bar.

Emma went to college straight from school back in 2006 and completed her NVQ level 2 and 3 in beauty therapy, after completing her first year, Emma got a part time job in a salon to work along side her college work.

Emma has worked in a salon environment since 2007, with her most recent job being in a busy high street salon. Very quickly, and just months of being there, Emma was promoted to salon manager. Working in this salon was where her passion for lashes grew and it became the most popular treatment at the salon. This is also where Emma first started using the LashBase products and loved them, she hasn't looked back since!

Emma had always been interested in furthering her career and completed a foundation degree in international spa management in 2013 along with various other training courses through out her career. After being at the salon for 3 and a half years, Emma decided it was time to go it alone and work for herself.

Emma currently rents rooms in a busy hairdressers still in Nottingham and loves being self employed. She never thought she would have built her business up to where it is in just over a year, She said it's the best decision she ever made (along with starting to use LashBase products of course)

Emma is now working on improving her lash techniques by attending mentoring sessions, which she hopes will give her the skills to eventually pass the knowledge on to others as well as providing her customers with amazing lashes.

Emma is so passionate about the lash industry and she knew when she started her own business that it would be her main focus.

Emma is super excited to be a part of the LashBase team, and we are super excited to have her.

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