Clearance No.1 Premium 0.03mm Mega Volume Lashes

$10.49 $17.48

Ultra fine lashes for the light weight, full and delicate appearance seen in 0.03mm Mega Volume Lashes.

16 strips per box. Each strip has approximately 200 0.03mm Mega Volume Lashes so that’s about 3200 lashes in one box.

Our Individual “Mink” Eyelashes are made from Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) materials which are light and flexible with a fine sheen. They have micro pores in the surface to help lash glues bond well. LashBase Lashes are in cases with 16 strips, most others brands have only 12 strips, which means 25% more lashes. Every batch of lashes are checked for accurate length and curl. These are the best quality synthetic lashes available and are excellent value.

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