Clearance Handheld Mirror

£4.54 £6.99



Our Handheld Mirror is practical and large, ideal for showing clients their lashes at the end of their lash extension treatment. Hand to clients at the end of their treatment, so they can admire their new lashes. 

  • Smooth ergonomic plastic handle for easy use. 
  • Practical large handheld mirror. 
  • Strong plastic to prevent damage to the mirror. 
  • LashBase logo printed on the back of the mirror for an added touch. 


Product Details

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Glass and Plastic
  • Length of the handle: app 11.5cm
  • Size of the glass: app 21cm x 18cm
  • Total size of the mirror: app 22.5cm x 31.5cm 


It's also worth using an Anti Fog Mirror throughout the treatment to check your lash work and to check for stickies! Read more about how to avoid stickies on our blog here. 

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