Clearance Pro Mades

$10.76 $19.36

3D, 5D & 6D Approx. 945-1070 per box

8D Approx. 475-535 per box

Create stunning, textured sets without spending too much time on one client as you are not needing to worry about creating your own fans. With a soft, matte appearance, the fans work by adding drama and dimension to a lash look. 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the pictures on this page!

Our Pro-Made Fans are made to a high standard, available to help Lash Artists carry out volume sets in a speedy time.

All 3D Pro-Made Fans are created using 0.07mm lashes
All 5D, 6D & 8D Pro-Made Fans are created using 0.05mm lashes

      Here are a few more details about the Pro-Made Fans:  

      • Industry-leading value
      • Cuts treatment time = more clients = Higher income!
      • Fans are available in matte black.
      • We ensure that each fan is made using premium quality PBT materials.
      • Small base with minimum adhesive.
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      We want to ensure that our customers are getting great value for money. With our new Pro-Made Fans, they will cost a Lash Artist between £3 - £6 per set of Russian lashes (that’s approx £0.02 per fan)! In comparison to the £10 - £15 cost of Pre-Made Fans for each set. With less time spent making them and less money on buying them, we are offering multiple benefits for the price of 1!

      Top Tip: High heat can affect curl strength. Advise clients to keep high-heat hairdryers away from lashes to prolong lash quality.

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