Clearance UltraSoft Singles 0.07mm Volume Eyelash Extensions


END OF LINE. UltraSoft Singles 0.07mm Volume Eyelash Extensions

UltraSoft Singles 0.07mm Volume Eyelash Extensions are for the light weight, full and delicate appearance seen in Volume Lashes.

Each tray of UltraSoft Singles 0.07mm Volume Eyelash Extensions has 16 strips and each strip has approximately 250 lashes so that’s about 4000 individual lashes in one box so one tray will go further than other brands that offer less.

So if you want to achieve a natural, light and beautiful look, these UltraSoft Singles 0.07mm Volume Eyelash Extensions are for you.

Note: When taking lashes from the tray, lift the lashes/fans towards you and not away to ensure perfect fan removal.

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