Outlet Straight Fine Point Tweezers

$11.32 $14.15

These Tweezers are brilliant but they have some printing mistakes. We couldn't bring ourselves to bin them as they work perfectly, they just don't meet our high standards and some of the printing is, quite frankly, embarrassing (but in a hilarious way). All yours for a bargain price!

Straight Fine Point Tweezers

  • Recommended for: Isolation and Classic Lash Application
  • Recommended fanning technique: All except ‘Wiggle’
  • 125mm long

High-Grade fine point tweezers Made of surgical grade stainless steel with a machine ground point and face for accuracy (not simply stamped).

We believe these high-grade professional fine point tweezers are the best available and are the perfect size for eyelash treatments. Absolute and Genuine quality.

Please Note: Coloured tweezers should not be left in sanitizing solutions as the colour can erode

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