Refurbished LashBase Pro Ring Light 18″

$158.22 $175.80

Refurbished LashBase Pro Ring Light 18" 

These ring lights have been returned unwanted and unused by previous customers. They have been tested and refurbished by our team and are fully functional ready for use.

The best light for taking photos. This light is perfect for getting those high-quality lash pics. The LashBase Professional Ring Light also provides you with amazing coverage across your client's face during lash application - allowing you to create the best lash sets. 

The LashBase Professional Ring Light has been researched and rigorously tested, and the quality is unrivaled.

The LED ring light can be used for lash selfies and video making too! Your Instagram feed will look amazing with crisp, high-quality photos.   

The digital display and dimmer will take you from a low level to 100% crisp 5600K lighting.

The Professional Ring Light includes:

  • 18" LED ring light, camera mount, phone holder, UK power adapter & plug, 1 LB branded carry bag, 1 orange filter, 1 white filter, 1 stand.
  • Cable Length: 250cm
  • 55W - Up To 240V - 5600k
  • 1-year warranty.

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