Ultra Slim Eye Pads


Ultra Slim Eye Pads. High quality, lint free eye pads, specially designed for lash extensions.

Perfect protection and nutrition for the skin during lash application. Made of extra thin high-quality fabric with a special coating which adheres cleanly to the skin under the eye. Nutrients contained in the hydrogel quickly penetrates and efficiently nourishes and improves the skin. Protecting from damage and improving elasticity. The eye pads have anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects by removing free radicals from the skin.

Smaller and slimmer than conventional eye pads, these ultra slim eye pads are perfect if you are looking for an alternative to standard sizes. They stick and hold brilliantly thanks to the pre-cut edges that help them mould around your clients' natural facial curves and provide the perfect hold for you to create beautiful lashes.

1 pack contains 20 pairs (40 individual Ultra Slim Eye Pads).

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