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Lash Adhesive in this weather

Lash Adhesive In This Weather

Lash Adhesive in this weather.

We have seen a lot of lash technicians struggling with their lash adhesive and lash retention recently.

Often spending hundreds of pounds trying different adhesives to no avail.

So why, all of a sudden, is this happening?

Summer time for everyone is the best time of year. Sunbathing, tans, relaxing and holidays. But for us lash technicians it often spells disaster.

What can we do?

Storage: Your adhesive must be stored in conditions dictated by your supplier. We suggest storing in a cool dark place where temperature fluctuations are unlikely to occur. So that means do not leave in your beauty case in the boot of your car for example.

Humidity: Your adhesive must be used in optimal conditions. Our adhesives work great at 45-55%. Otherwise, it may dry quicker or slower than you expect which may catch you off guard equalling poor retention.

Temperature: In this heat, adhesives behave differently. If you can’t get a stable room temperature of 18-24 degrees Celsius then you will need to adjust the amount of adhesive you are using.

Shake Your Adhesive: The warmer weather makes the adhesive ingredients harder to mix. So you really need to vigorously shake your adhesive before use. Otherwise, by the time you reach the second half of the bottle, it’ll be no good.

This time of year is possibly the toughest, so keep at it. Use every tactic you can… Air Con, Hydrometers, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, use proper ventilation, use correct storage and use the correct amount of adhesive. You can even choose a slower drying adhesive to counteract the issue.

Remember, you can do this!

If you’d like any more help or advice then please get in touch.

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