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Life as a Lash Mum

Life as a Lash Mum.

Did you know, 98.2% of our customers are women. With a large majority of that aged between 21-35 and mothers!

So, to celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, apart from running a special discount (see here), we have decided to find out a little bit more about what it’s like to be a Lash Mum.

We recently got in touch with 2 of our favourites, Rachel and Ava, to find out how they manage to run successful lash businesses and also raise children at the same time.

First up, we spoke to Ava.

Ava – Ava Scarlett Beauty

Tell us a little bit about your little boy?

My little boy is called Ernie (Ernie Rex) and is a threenager…otherwise known as a 3 year old.

Lashing can involve working all different hours during the day, how do you manage/juggle lashing and being a Mum to get a work-life balance?

Me doing my job means I can take him on holidays, enjoy quality time together when I’m not working, it means he can have a new hat every now and again (loves an accessory this kid) and when he’s here whilst I’ve got to work he loves coming in my beauty room to chat up my lash babes.

If Ernie is not feeling well, do you have to rearrange clients or do you have a support network of friends/family etc?

One of the harder sides of being self-employed is when you have a young child and they’re unwell. Fortunately for me, Ernie hasn’t been that unwell but there have been cases where I’ve had to take the day off to look after him when he’s been poorly but where I’m extremely busy with work it is hard to rearrange my clients but you do your best. In most cases, your clients will be understanding.

Does working from home make life easier when having a child compared to an office job?

I’ve worked a variety of jobs previously, in a phone shop, hotel, care home, and an office and I can gladly say that deciding to go self-employed was the best decision for me and I would not look back but on the other hand I’m glad I’ve done jobs that I didn’t like as it pushed me to do what I do now… I’ll let you into a secret as well, when I worked at a phone shop a customer was unsure of what phone to buy so I gave her my best sales pitch… “well babes, this phone is white and this one is black so I’d definitely go with the white one as it’ll make you look brown when it’s against your ear” it must have worked because she brought it either that or she felt sorry for me…

Any embarrassing stories regarding Ernie and your lashing?

Right, so an embarrassing story about Ernie whilst I’ve been working… Here’s a few for you…

-My client went to put her shoes on and Ernie was walking around his room in her Jimmy Choos!

-He’s shouted plenty of times “Can you please wipe my bum mumma” I’m mortified but my clients find it funny.

-My client asked Ernie after her Infill if her lashes looked nice, being the flirt he is I thought the answer would be obviously but nope, he turned around and said “erm not really lady” awkward!

-I’ve been working whilst I thought Ernie was asleep, next thing you know I have him walking in my lash room in the evening refusing to go to sleep in his bed resulting in him making a den in my lash room and sleeping in there whilst I work. Just gotta go with the flow sometimes…

Any tips for being a lash Mum?

Basically, if I can recommend any tips if you work with your child there is to make them a nibbly packed lunch (food always keeps kids quiet for a few minutes). Make sure your clients are aware that your child/children are going to be there (most of the time they don’t care especially if they’re getting away from their own children haha). Try and tire them out before and give them an incentive for after… I normally take Ernie to the park as soon as I’ve finished work. And something I have to remind myself of sometimes is to remember children are children and don’t get stressed if they keep asking questions, coming in the room etc.

Finally, what are you doing for Mothers Day?

I’m going to be chilling out then going for a Mother’s Day lunch with my family, but the best bit… unlimited cups of tea all day!!!

Here’s what Rach had to say…

Rachel – The Devon lash Dolls

Rachel Doyle

Tell us a little bit about your children?

I have 2! Lucas is age 6 and Finnley my stepson is aged 12. Lucas is in year two at school and Finn year 7.

Do they understand what you do and what do they think about it?

Lucas has been so involved in everything and is so proud of me. He’s seen it evolve from me doing a few sets a week in the kitchen, to having my own salon. He loves that mummy has her own Shop and says that when he’s older and I don’t work anymore, he wants to take on the salon for me and ‘do lashes’ ☺all my clients know him from following me from home to the salon and love him being around which really helps!

Lashing can involve working all different hours during the day, how do you manage/juggle lashing and being a Mum to get a work-life balance?

It’s incredibly difficult to try and get the right balance. I have had to put the hours in over the last few years and the time we have together has definitely suffered, but one of my main reasons for opening the shop was to have a separate home life to work! Working from home can really eat away at your home life as it’s very difficult to fully shut off from it and it’s so hard to say no to client and you end up working when you’re supposed to be having a day off. I now have a few days a week where I don’t work evenings and I collect Lucas from school and spend some quality time with him, as before I would rush to get him from school and be straight back upstairs working till 10pm. He was spending far too much time on the iPad, which is a godsend, but also sometimes can allow us to work too much! My husband and I have a good system going now where we juggle the school run, he makes dinner every night when I walk through the door at 9pm! It’s a lot easier to do it with his support!

What hours/days do you work and how often do you get to fit in Mother and Son time?

I work 3x 12 hours days during the week, 2x 6 hours days and every Saturday! 🙈 I make sure the free time I have I spend as much time as I can with Lucas. It’s not been easy but the busier the shop is becoming and the older Lucas gets has made me realise they are only little once and it goes far too quick and I have to make the most of it whilst I can!

Any embarrassing stories regarding your kids and your lashing?

I’ve had so many…. Mainly Lucas asking for me to take him to the toilet whilst with a client, not necessarily in such a pleasant way! It’s always new clients too! When you’re trying to make a good impression! He’s so so good, though. All my clients always say how amazing he his and I really couldn’t have got to where I am without him being that way! He’s amazing.

Finally, what are you doing for Mothers Day?

We don’t have any huge plans really, just spend all day together and lots of cuddles. We are going on a two week holiday to Florida in a few weeks and I can wait to spend all my time with him and his brother!

Thank you for reading.

We would like to wish everyone a happy and wonderful Mother’s Day. Now, go and enjoy some cuddles and create some memories. The lashes can wait!

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