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LashBase Training Academy of the Year Winner

LashBase Training Academy of the Year Winner

On Friday 6th April we announced the winner of the LashBase Training Academy of the Year Winner. An award to recognise the trainers out there that are improving our industry day by day, student by student.

Here’s a reminder of how it worked… We had a one month period for nominating a favourite training school and trainers, followed by 3 weeks of voting for a favourite out of the most popular 10.

The winner announced was the talented Jess Martin of Flutterbye Lashes.

We spoke to Jess and got her answers to some questions about how it all started and what her aspirations are for the future.

Firstly, what inspired you to start teaching?
I just love lashing and already helped other lash techs with questions from all over the country who had messaged me for help and advice, and I had been approached by 2 lash companies to teach under their brand. It felt like the next step in my career.

What would you say to people thinking of training in lashes?
Go for it, if it’s something you’re interested in and are intrigued about take the step, it could be the start of an amazing and very profitable journey.

What has winning this award meant for you?
I feel overwhelmed, it feels amazing to be appreciated within the industry and just confirms I made the right decision to teach 2 years ago, I have amazing students and colleagues who have made it all possible.

And lastly, whats next for Jess Martin and Flutterbye Lashes?
The future is big, I would love to up my lash game and judge competitions and be noticed for my training and workshops. However still lash my lovely loyal clients.

LashBase Training Academy of the Year Winner

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We would like to wish Jess all the best for the future and congratulate her again on winning this years LashBase Training Academy of the Year Winner. Your winners trophy will be with you shortly.