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Lash Treatment Serum

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The Perfect Trio

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Lash and brow treatments involve a range of liquid products, from pre and post-treatment to lash tints and lash extension adhesives. These liquids are the best for effective, safe, and stunning treatments that will leave your clients coming back for more.

Lash Extension Liquids

Pre treatment liquids are essential to ensure the natural lashes are ready for eyelash extensions, along with boosting lash retention for the client. These are liquids that will bathe, cleanse, and prime the lashes including Lash Cleansers, Foaming Cleansers, and Lash Neutral (Primers). 

The next step is during the actual treatment, liquids being the lash adhesives and post-treatment liquids being Flexibonder - perfect for keeping the lashes in longer. 

For more information on eyelash extension retention - read this.

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