We are LashBase

We are one of the most successful lash extension brands in the UK with multiple awards for product quality and customer service. We stock everything a lash artist could ever want or need to succeed in their lash career.

What many people don’t know is that, LashBase, is a family business, run by our founder, her husband, and three sons.

At LashBase, our mission is simple: we want to provide top customer service, along with the highest quality, best value products.

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We’re big on education, which is why we do our research. We know where our products come from, how they are made, and we ensure they meet all beauty regulations. We know the importance of product quality, which is why everything we stock has thought, and hard work put into it. We don’t cut corners; we do everything by the book and that’s something we think is worth shouting about.


We’re also big on community, we love to chat and we’re always happy to answer any questions (across all our platforms).

LashBase, Ltd. isn’t just about the products we sell, it’s about all the bold, fun and positive people who share our passion for lashes, both on and offline.


Julie Butler is the woman behind the LashBase brand. Originally a stay at home mum to three boys, she has built the business from her back garden into a multi-million-pound lash empire.

“I started this business as a passion project in 2009, doing lashes and training others. I quickly realised that the quality of products on the market at the time was very poor and the prices were also ridiculously high. Convinced that there had to be better out there, I decided to search for and source my own products that I could use myself and that’s how LashBase was born. Fast forward 10 years and we have been through a lot. Like all businesses, we have had ups and downs and I could list all sorts of achievements.

However, my favourite part is that we can help people progress in their lash careers. Whether that’s through our training, our products or with our online content it’s extremely rewarding being able to help others learn a new skill or introduce them to a product they can now no longer live without. That’s why I started LashBase to begin with, to help people and offer advice and to be here 10 years later knowing we have built this fantastic community all over the world– it’s the best feeling.”