Eye Pads & Tape

We might be biased, but we think we have the best lash Eye Pads to suit all eye shapes and of course to suit each lash artist.  

Premium Eye Pads

Premium Shaped Eye Pads

Bio Gel Eye Pads

Pink Under Eye Pads

Foam Eye Pads 

Remember: There isn't one single type of eye pad that suits everyone.  Some lash artists like to work with thin Eye Pads, whereas others like tapered Eye Pads. As always, it comes down to personal preference, just make sure you are working with eye pads that suit your working style.  

As an alternative to pads, you can also use Microfoam tape. make sure to ask your client if they are comfortable and ask them to let you know if the pads/tape move or become uncomfortable during the treatment. 

Foam tape is also great to use as an alternative to eye patches. Although you can use tape to secure eye patches sometimes they still don’t stay put.  Foam tape, however, is flexible and can be contoured to any eye shape, it’s the perfect tape to use on clients who have oily skin or love a chat!

Micropore Tape is a must-have for every lash artist! Firstly it holds adhesive drops without spreading if you are using a jade stone!  It can be used during the treatment to tape eyelids which will improve the visibility of the lash line. It can also be used to provide some extra help when securing eye pads in place.

Isolation tape is the perfect choice for isolating/taping back lash layers, so you can achieve more coverage and create various textures! Our Isolation Tape can also be used directly on the skin to tape back hooded lids or to reach inner corners without pulling on the skin.

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