Clearance EvoLashes V1.0 (Biodegradable)

$5.38 $16.17

Created using a hybrid mix of biodegradable treated cornstarch and PBT, this is the first time the professional lash industry has seen an eyelash extension with biodegradable properties.

The end goal is fully biodegradable lashes, but for now, the technology and manufacturing capabilities do not exist, so we have created the first ever version of what’s possible. A glimpse in to the future of lash extensions.

40% less PBT than standard eyelash extensions.

- Vegan-friendly & cruelty-free

Due to the biodegradable nature of these brand new lashes, these lash extensions have a wavy appearance that can make them a little tricky to use and only come in a 0.07mm fibre.

The sticky strip has been designed with pinchers and fanning on the strip in mind but does become a little tougher if you are a lash artist that likes to pick up and put down to make your lash fans.

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Want to be able to say you tried the first ever version of biodegradable lashes? Then grab these while you can!

Be part of the evolution.

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