Get ready to stock up on your lash stash this Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner, and if you're a lash artist, you're probably itching to stock up on your favourite lash supplies. To make sure you get the most out of the Black Friday sales, we've put together a handy Black Friday Buying Guide to help you navigate the chaos and snag those bargain deals without breaking the bank. Here are some essential tips to help make sure your Black Friday shopping experience is a huge success for you and your lash business.

Set a Budget: Know Your Limits

Before diving head first into the world of Black Friday discounts, it's so important to set a budget. By setting a budget, you'll get what you need without straining your finances.

Prioritise: What Do You Need the Most?

Make a list of the lash essentials you need. It's easy to get carried away with all the incredible deals, but focus on what you genuinely need for your business - whether it’s more adhesives, lash trays, or even top-ups of your lash essentials like tapes and eye pads. Prioritising your needs will help you stay on track and avoid spending on items you won't use.

Set Reminders and Sign Up for Emails

To stay in the loop and be the first to know about the Black Friday deals, sign up for email announcements from us. Additionally, set reminders on your phone or calendar for the sales' start times to ensure you don't miss out on any exclusive discounts. Stock goes quickly so you have to act fast!

Create a Wishlist Ahead of Time

When you create an account with LashBase, you have the option to build a wishlist. Before the Black Friday sales kick-off, add your favourite lash products to your wishlist. This will not only help you organise your shopping but also prevent items from selling out before you can grab them - we all know that feeling when you want to buy something and it goes out of stock!

Avoid Missing Out on Sellouts

As mentioned above, Black Friday can get hectic, and popular lash products tend to sell out quickly. By having your wishlist ready and knowing what you need in advance, you can significantly reduce the chances of missing out on those must-have items.

Explore the List of Essentials

Here's a list of some essential lash products to consider:


Whether you prefer classic or volume lashes, stock up on your favourite lengths, thicknesses and curls like our 6D Promades (for those who like to work smarter, not harder) or our LBX Collection which are made from the highest quality materials - they're super soft and come in true black. OR why not find some new lashes to try? (Scroll down for some more ideas).



A good adhesive can change your lash business. As a standard, our Extreme Plus adhesives are the most popular due to the quick dry time and longer life. Take advantage this Black Friday and get your hands on a bargain. A cheaper cost per treatment means more for you and your business.


Premium Fibre Tip tweezers are a favourite among lash professionals. In the world of lashing, precision and control is essential. The delicate process of applying lash extensions means that you need tools that can handle the finest details with ease. This is where fibre tip tweezers come to the rescue. This Black Friday, why not treat yourself to a lovely new pair as they are also part of our Premium Tweezers Collection, which means they come with multiple benefits - including 1-year FREE Replacements!

Fibre Tip Tweezers

Salon Essentials

A visit to the lash salon is not just about the treatment itself, in our opinion. It's an experience, a moment of self-indulgence. Transforming your lash room/salon into a luxurious environment can elevate the overall experience for your clients and leave a lasting impression, in turn - generating more clients. Consider lash pillows and lighting to enhance your workspace. - all included in the Black Friday Sales.

Thinking About Retailing?

If you're considering selling lash products to your clients, Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to stock up. Look for aftercare products, retail kits, mascara wands, shampoos, serums, and other items that your clients might appreciate. Take advantage of the low prices so you can make more of a profit when you sell to your clients - and they’ll love the extra service and attention to detail you offer. 

Lash Extensions Aftercare Kit Shampoo

It’s Never Too Early for Christmas!

After Black Friday, the countdown to Christmas begins, and if you want to gift a little something to your clients - now is the perfect time to buy. Why not gift your clients a little stocking filler that you can wrap up to make them feel special and appreciated? Items such as our Lash and Brow oil, a sleep mask or even an aftercare kit. Not only will your client love it, but it’s also helping improve your lash set retention - win-win!

Try New Products

Black Friday is the ideal time to experiment with new products you've been curious about. Whether it's Flexibonder, different types of Pro Made Fans, or colourful lashes (just in time for Christmas sets!), you can expand your collection for less.

Just Launched:

Plan for Shipping Delays

Remember that Black Friday is the busiest time of year for most retailers and will potentially cause shipping delays. Be patient and plan for a slight delay in receiving your orders. Please rest assured that we will be working very hard with staff working extra hours to get your lash supplies to your door as quickly as possible!

Black Friday is the perfect time for lash artists to stock up on their favourite products and explore new ones. So with that, happy shopping, and may your lash stash grow abundantly!