Halloween Glam with Creative Lash Styles

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to unleash your inner creativity and transform yourself or your client into a character you love. While costumes and makeup are essential, don't overlook the power of lashes to take your Halloween look to the next level.

Let’s explore various lash styles inspired by iconic characters, from Barbie to Poison Ivy, to help you make a striking statement this Halloween. The characters below are the top Halloween costumes for 2023 - time to get some inspo!


Barbie is the ultimate symbol of pink glam, so for this look, opt for lashes with a splash of pink or black lashes with pink spikes. These lashes will add a touch of fun and flair to your Barbie-inspired costume.

Barbie - Halloween Lash Looks


Thinking of going as a Disney princess with a Halloween twist?  Choose lash extensions that create a doll-like, wide-eyed effect. The doll eye map will give you those enchanting eyes that every princess is known for.

Princess - Halloween Lash Looks


For a wickedly enchanting look, go for lashes that are wispy with dramatically long ends. To add a touch of magic, dot in some green lashes to bring out the witchy vibe.

Witch - Halloween Lash Looks


To achieve an ethereal and magical fairy look, choose wispy lashes with a few spikes - check out angel lashes for the perfect look. These lashes will make your eyes pop, giving you that charming fairy-like glow.

Angel - Halloween Lash Looks

Wednesday Addams: 

Wednesday Addams is known for her unique style, and her character demands a dark, gothic appearance. Opt for mega-volume lashes that will make your eyes captivatingly bold and mysterious - use our 16D or 20D lashes to create this look.

Wednesday Addams - Halloween Lash Looks

Wonder Woman: 

For a Wonder Woman transformation, aim for lashes that embody pop art and comic book aesthetics. Bold, graphic lashes will give your eyes a heroic and fearless look. Try a wet lash look with spikes that cluster lashes together.

Wet Look Lashes - Halloween Lash Looks


Go blue like Coraline by sporting blue lashes. These lashes will bring out the adventurous and curious side of your Halloween character. If you or your client doesn't want to commit to the colour, go with blue proeffects!

Blue Lashes - Halloween Lash Looks


For a spooky and eerie look, choose white lashes that match the skeletal theme of a skull. These lashes will make your Halloween costume truly bone-chilling.

Skull White Lashes - Halloween Lash Looks

Cat Eye: 

Transform into a seductive feline by opting for a lash map that accentuates your eyes in a cat-eye style. This lash style will look good with any costume that needs a sultry touch. Use the L curl pro mades for an extra cat eye vibe.

Cat Eye - Halloween Lash Looks

Poison Ivy: 

Embrace your inner villainess by selecting green and orange lashes to complement your Poison Ivy costume. These colours will give your eyes a botanical stand out look.

Green Spike Lashes - Halloween Lash Looks


Halloween is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing your alter ego for a night of fun. Lashes can be the perfect accessory to bring your character to life, whether you're aiming for a cute and vibrant Barbie look or the dark and enchanting style of Wednesday Addams. With the right lash style, you can enhance your costume and create a memorable Halloween appearance that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression. If you don’t fancy going too crazy, take a look at our strip lashes or even better, our proeffects for a bit of colour.

So, go ahead and let your imagination run wild as you choose the perfect lash style to complete your Halloween transformation.