LBX Pre Made Spikes


We'd like to introduce you to our LBX Collection Pre Made Spikes, AKA what you need to take your lash sets to the NEXT level.

Made from our LBX Collection you already know and love...the wait is NOW over!

The team have worked long and hard to ensure that our release of spike lashes are to the highest standard, and we cannot wait to see your lash sets using them!

How to use spike lashes:

1. Mark small dots on the lid or eye pad where the spikes will be placed with your mapping pen.

2. Apply spikes to the top layer of lashes onto the top layer.

3. Tape the spikes back and apply the middle layer fans.

4. Repeat step 3 for the lower layer.

Top Tip when using spikes: Apply a spike to both top and bottom layer of lashes. A full set will look great and when natural lash shedding happens, the client will be able to hold on to the spiked lash set look for longer.

240 lash spikes per tray.

Lash inspiration by @dripingoldlashes

Visit our Instagram (LashBase_UK) for all the best spike lash inspo! 

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