How to Retail - Written by Natasha Bowers

Written by LashBase Elite Influencer - Natasha Bowers 

I'm here to tell you why you need to start retailing products. Not only is it the perfect add on to your services but an additional stream of income. You may worry about giving the hard sell, but it doesn't have to be like that. Trust me. All you need is a change in mindset.

I've worked in beauty retail for years. Something you need to bear in mind is that you've already solved half the problem, which is getting the client through the door in the first place. They have chosen to book in with you, so harness that confidence and I'll teach you the rest. 

Remember that lashes are an investment - so this should be reflected in your marketing. Most people who are spending money on lashes, want them to last longer and we all know that aftercare is the solution. 

I always introduce aftercare at the beginning of my appointment through a lash bath. For new clients, I say "have you ever had a lash bath before?". At this point, you are setting the scene. Make it a relaxing experience, so they create a positive connection with the action. SELL the experience. 

To make it less awkward, I ask questions to open a natural conversation. It's also a great time to PLANT the seed. This is your opportunity to find a gap in their routine i.e. "how do you usually care for your lashes?". I find a lot of new clients say baby shampoo which is completely fine but I always like to say that "I recommend the lash shampoo (that I used on you before) because it's PH balanced, specifically designed to be used on lash extensions and gentle enough to use every day". I explain that we sell a kit for £10 that contains everything they need. Most clients will say "I'll get one of those today". 

If they don't purchase, that's okay too because you can reiterate it at their next appointment. If my client returns with dirty lashes, closed fans, etc; I love to take a picture and show them. I usually find the shock paired with embarrassment makes them more willing to purchase. Also, be honest and explain that the time spent cleaning means less time lashing. 

The same applies to sleep masks and cleansing cloths. 


  • Don't be pushy. If you let the client have their own way, they will be more open to trying yours. 
  • Be confident. It will show you as an expert in your field and your clients will feel like you genuinely care. 

If you are nervous, use this time to practice in the mirror or with a friend. Start posting on your social media the benefits of using aftercare. Produce videos demonstrating how to use products. Show how easy it is. You will realise that people will start asking you about aftercare and not the other way round. 

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