Narrow Fans

After a few setbacks (which is an understatement), we are so excited to finally be launching our narrow fan collection! But what exactly are narrow fans and what is the difference between narrow and our standard wide fans!

Both narrow fans and standard wide fans have different uses, meaning they are equally as important to have included in any lash trolley but to achieve specific looks, you must know the difference between the two!

What are narrow fans?
Narrow fans typically have long stems that allow a larger bonding area to the natural lashes therefore narrow fans achieve great retention! They are the ideal lash to create a dramatic, voluminous and more uniformed lash look, however it’s important to know that if a lash fan becomes too narrow, it may not give as much volume.

Narrow fans are also a great option to use on clients with lots of natural lashes, they give great density and darkness at the base and tip, which means you can achieve the ultimate strip lash look and perfect top line!

What are standard fans?
Standard fans have a shorter stem and great to create a natural lash look or achieve a light, fluffier and soft lash look, they can also make the length of the lashes appear shorter as they are not so dense in appearance.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback and see what you create with our “narrow fan” collection- so remember to tag us on your socials!

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