New Year Resolutions for Lash Artists

The new year is a perfect time to look back on your year and reflect on the success of your eyelash extension business over the past year. However, the beauty of working within the lash industry is there is always room to grow! So with 2023 now here…we want to help our amazing community with your New Year Resolutions.

Retail & Aftercare for your Clients
Retail should be one of your priorities this coming year! Earning extra alongside your day-to-day lashing will help you massively in the long run. That extra income could help you pay your bills, lashing supplies, or even just towards a treat to help you unwind! Retailing products can feel overwhelming alongside building your clientele…but we can help with that!

We have retail products which are perfect to put on display at your salon and are also an affordable cost! Our top recommendation would be our lash extension aftercare kit. This is the easiest product to retail to your clients. Remember that when your clients look after their lashes, it saves you time at appointments and saves them money, because their lashes will last longer, so you are helping them and you both benefit. 

One of our Lash Extension Aftercare Retail Kit contains:

1 x Foamer Pump Bottle
1 x Purified Sensitive Cleansing Sachet
1 x Aftercare Leaflet
2 x Mini Mascara Wands
1 x White Lash Cleanser Brush
1 x LashBase Branded Carry Bag

Check out our blog here for our top tips for retailing products.

Learn something new!

Whether you are a beginner lash artist or an expert it is always beneficial to learn something new or refresh yourself with some new techniques. Even lash artists with years of experience can benefit from a day course to learn new skills. Accredited eyelash extension courses show your clients that you actively invest in your skills as a Lash Artist. Have you been putting off learning a new treatment due to time to be able to do this?


Remember, time that you put into your business development will result in more profit later down the line! For example, If you don't currently do lash lifts why not consider learning this? It's a quick easy treatment to introduce to your salon. Getting a new certification is always great promotion for your salon as it will show clients and potential clients you are growing in demand and in your skill set. Also, clients will be excited to see you will be offering new exciting treatments! 

Most importantly self development is key to feeling more confident as a lash artist. The more knowledge you have the more equipped you will feel to give advice to your clients when they may have questions for you.  

Upgrade your Lash Equipment
Is it time to give your salon some TLC? The new year is the perfect time to refresh your lash equipment and treat yourself!  Here is a few of our favourites we think are perfect for your salon.

  • LashBase Knee Pillow
    This knee pillow is perfect for keeping your clients comfortable during lash treatments! It allows both legs to be elevated when lying down on a lash bed. Having your client's legs elevated helps relieve any lower back pressure, reduce any discomfort and help improve circulation! The wedge shape is designed to slot perfectly under the knees and is made of memory foam, so it will retain its shape when in use.knee wedge

  • Pro Made Accessory Bundle
    This is an essential for our Pre/Pro Made Fan lovers! Our Pro Made Fan Lash Stand is perfect for holding loose pre-made/pro-made fans and cluster lashes whilst working. The mat is soft they can be picked up very easily with tweezers. The mat is not adhesive but due to its unique qualities, however it can be held completely upright before the lashes move! Comes bundled with the ideal accessory for storing your lash fans. Whether that's your handmade fans or our Pro Made range. Not only will these products help speed up your lashing time and add lash organisation! Perfect for adhering to your new year goals. 

  • The LashBase Shaker 
    This year to up your lash game, you should invest in something as game-changing as the LashBase shaker! Spend far less time shaking your adhesive during treatments and more time doing what you do best...lashing! The LashBase Shaker can mix up to 50ml of product in under 2 seconds. You would have to vigorously shake your adhesive for a full minute to match what this machine does in 2 seconds!

  • Airtight Adhesive Container 
    Level up your adhesive retention with our adhesive container with built in hygrometer! This a simple device that will show you both the humidity and the temperature reading of your lash space. Every lash artist should control their lash environment to ensure their eyelash adhesive will work perfectly. Looking after your adhesive will also help you save money as you will need to stock up much less! 

Airtight Adhesive Container comes with a Hygrometer


We hope you found this blog helpful on making your Lash Artist New Year Resolutions! If you have any questions, please drop us a DM on Instagram @LashBase_UK and we’d be happy to help to help out. From us all at LashBase we hope you have a happy 2023! x