RRP prices of LashBase Retail Products

We are here to tell you why you should be retailing products. Not only is it the perfect add on to your services but an additional stream of income. You may be worried about giving the hard sell, but trust us. All you need is a change your client's perception. 

For example: If your client returns to an appointment with dirty lashes this is the perfect time, to be able to up sell an aftercare kit! 

Here are our top tips for retailing to your clients

  • Don't pressurize your client. Pushing your client into a purchase they are not 100% sure of will put the client off even more. 

  • Be confident in your expertise. Showing your an expert in the field will make them feel they need to buy your retail products.

So, you’re thinking about retailing to your clients, but not sure how much to charge? We are here to help!

Take a look at the retail product list below, hopefully this will help to provide you an idea on pricing: 



Lash Extension Aftercare Kit

£6 - £10

Lifted. Brow Balm


Lifted. Lash & Brow Oil


Lash Treatment Serum


Sleep Mask Eyelash Protector

£10 - £15

Angled Brow Duo Brush


New Premium Curved Lash Cleanser Brush


Luxury Mascara Wand


Premium Lash Cleanser Brush


Lash Shampoo


Lash Shampoo - Gentle Foaming Cleanser Concentrate Sachets

FREE - £5 ( include a cleaning brush to increase profit.)

Face Cleansing Cloth


Lash Cleaning Cloth


You can shop all retail products here.

We want to see your retail space!

If you have an area dedicated to your retail items, take a pic and tag us (@LashBase_UK). Whether this be some shelves or a table in your waiting area or lash space. Ideally, its best to have the area in a place that your clients will see after getting up off of the couch or when paying for your service.  

As well as price points, we have a few useful blogs which explain all you need to know about retailing to clients, whether it’s how to retail or how to increase your earnings. 

How to retail

Written by LashBase Elite Influencer - Natasha Bowers. You may worry about giving the hard sell, but it doesn't have to be like that. Trust me. All you need is a change in mindset.

How to increase your earning potential

If you don’t already retail to your clients, it may be time to start thinking about your earning potential! 

5 top tips for retailing

Retailing products can be daunting for some, but we are here to help. We have listed 5 top tips for retailing to your lash clients.

If you have any questions regarding retailing to your clients, please feel free to contact our team via Instagram (@LashBase_UK), we are always happy to help!