Imperfect LBX Collection Mega Volume Lashes 0.03mm

£7.99 £17.99

This item is in The Imperfect Collection, which means the item is heavily discounted due to being not-quite-perfect. This collection offers heavily discounted items to avoid wasting a huge amount of stock. These products are high quality, but may have a damaged box or the sticky strip may have degraded slightly whilst sitting in our warehouse. 

  • We do not accept returns for items sold in the Imperfect Collection.
  • Items sold in the Imperfect Collection will be clearly labeled.
  • Items in the Imperfect Collection do not reflect the quality of alternative items on the LashBase website or shop. 

LBX Collection Lashes - Mega Volume Lashes 0.03mm. Born from 10 years of experience, knowledge and research. We have been working tirelessly to create the ultimate lash range that ca