3D Flat Pro Made Fans - Hybrid


Introducing an industry first... Flat Pro Made Fans

Created using our unique, Easy Flat technology ensuring that the lashes are light and soft and do not feel heavy on the natural lashes.

The 'flat' design allows for increased surface area and more contact with the natural lash, resulting in a fuller and more voluminous look.

Our all NEW INDUSTRY FIRST, Flat Pro Made Fans, come in 3 different styles, 3D Hybrid Spike Fans, 4D Fans and 6D Camellia Fans all with a matte finish.

3D Hybrid Spike Flat Pro Made Fans have a combination of both classic lashes and volume lashes to create a customised and textured look.

  • The double 'book' tray are packed with 360 fans
  • All fans are made using 0.15mm flat lashes.
  • Mixed trays available in 8mm-15mm (Spike length - outer lashes 3mm shorter)
  • (100% synthetic/faux material)

For more info on Flat Pro Made fans click here


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