Cream Remover Sachets


Our Strawberry Scented Cream Eyelash Extension Adhesive Remover Sachets are perfect for removing lash extensions safely.

10 x individual sachets means your remover will last longer as you won't need to worry about product oxidisation. Ideal if you don't have regular removals or you want your remover to last longer!

It has low irritation which means your clients will be comfortable during the lash removal process. Our cream remover works to break down adhesive bonds and safely remove lash extensions quickly and easily. It can be used with any lash adhesive brand including our very own LashBase Adhesive range.

  • Provides safe lash extension removal
  • Strawberry scented!
  • Low irritation
  • Works with any lash adhesive brand including the LashBase Adhesive Range
  • 10 x 1g sachets

Being a cream-type remover, it is easy to use with a microfibre brush.

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Remember:  Avoid getting the cream remover into contact with skin or eyes. This product is for professional use only. After some time the Cream Eyelash Extension Adhesive Remover may remove the head of a microfibre brush! 

Watch our cream product in action!

This technique also works with the Pink Cream Lash Adhesive Remover too. 

Cream Remover Sachets SDS

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