Lash Extension Removal Kit


Remove lash extensions in minutes with our Lash Extension Removal Kit.

Why buy each product separately, when you can buy them in a discounted bundle!?

Each kit includes:

Step 1: 
Clean and dry the eye area. Carefully remove the Premium Shaped Eye Pad from the plastic liner. Apply the eye pad to the lower eye lid over the lower lashes.

Step 2:
Remove the Micropore Tape Pad from the plastic liner. With the eye shut, apply the tape pad over the top lashes, leaving a small gap to expose adhesive. 

Step 3:
Using the Microfibre Brush, apply a small amount of the Cream Remover to the adhesive bond. 

Step 4:
When time is complete, gently pull all components down to remove lashes. If applying a fresh lash set make sure to cleanse and prep natural lashes thoroughly. 

This Lash Extension Removal Kit includes all the essential products for removing eyelash extensions!

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