PROeffect+ Light Glam


Introducing PROeffect+ False Lashes

The closest thing to having eyelash extensions without having eyelash extensions!

Created with the same professional fibres and designs as our individual eyelash extensions, PROeffect will help you achieve that eyelash extension look, from the comfort of your own home. The perfect hybrid of our professional lash extensions and our strip lashes. PROeffect+ lashes are "ready to cut" long-wearing strip lashes, which are applied to the natural lash line. With a lightweight, natural, and super fluffy finish, you can create your own eyelash extension styles and build a completely customised look. 

These long-wearing lash extension and strip lash alternative can be applied using our  PROeffect Lash Bond, which has been specifically designed for our PROeffect lashes.

Size Breakdown
Extra Short - 8mm
Short - 10mm
Medium - 12mm
Long - 14mm
Extra Long - 16mm

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Directions for Use
Step 1. Remove your new PROeffect Lashes from their case carefully.
Step 2. Apply a thin layer of the PROeffect Lash Bond to your lashes.  
Step 3. Using tweezers, apply your PROeffect Lashes in sections to your natural lashes.
Step 4. Add as many as you like to create your desired look.
Step 5. To remove, apply a waterproof makeup remover to cleanse the lashes.

Use as many or as few of the lashes as possible. PROeffect lashes will add thickness, length, and lots of volume to your natural lash, creating that ‘your eyes but better’ look.

PROeffect False Lashes are the closest thing to having professional lash extensions!   

  • Weightless, damage-free, and easy to apply.
  • The strips band is made from soft, flexible, biodegradable cotton.
  • Lash fibres that are professional-level PBT
  • Waterproof and long-lasting (You can sleep in them, just like eyelash extensions)
  • Up to 7 Weeks use from one tray!

Note: Not for use with semi-permanent lash adhesive.

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