The Perfect Trio


The Perfect Trio

Our ‘Perfect Trio’ bundle is the ultimate set you need for Prep/Post treatment. Including our Primer Cleaner & Accelerator, an adhesive of your choice, and our post-treatment Flexibonder. 

Our Primer, Cleaner & Accelerator is best to clean and sterilise the lashes before the lash extension treatment begins. Using a microfibre brush, apply the Primer along the natural lash line, allow to completely dry (may take up to 2 minutes), brush through and then continue as normal.  A well-prepared surface will speed up the drying time of adhesives. Our Primer works with all lash glues but is perfect for use with our range of LashBase adhesives. 

Our adhesives are triple purified which gives them a longer life and fewer impurities. Once opened use within 6 weeks. Always put the lid back on and keep it at room temperature.

One drop of our FlexiBonder across the adhesive bonds post application will promote flexibility in the adhesive bond. It reduces any tiny air bubbles between the client's natural lash and adhesive and it also helps neutralise adhesive fumes to help you provide a safer treatment and reduce any unneeded sensitivities.

"Open Date" Stickers help you keep track of how long your glue has been open to ensure you use fresh and in-date products

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