How many lashes can I put on one natural lash?

How many lashes can I put on one natural lash?

There is not a straight forward answer to this question as there are a lot of variables so I am going to try and break it down for you and give you the facts.

Here are just a few of the things to consider when deciding to go 3D, 4D, 5D or more...

Lash Type. You have lots of choice nowadays with the type of lash you can use. Synthetic Mink, Synthetic Silk, Real Mink (not recommended by LashBase), Flat, Cashmere, Ellipse, I could go on but you get the picture. The 2 most popular types are different, due to it's less tapered shape a Silk lash is heavier than a Mink lash so use less Silk lashes than Mink when applying volume.

Lash Length. Pretty obvious really, a 15mm lash will weigh more than a 7mm!

The Clients Natural Lash. No two sets of natural lashes are the same. Strong and healthy lashes will support more weight without issue where as weak and brittle lashes will make your job tough! This means every client will handle volume lashes differently so don't just stick to one rule for all because you could run into serious problems which will affect you and your business. Check your clients natural lashes and then make a decision as to what weight you think they are prepared for.

After Care. I know you will never truly be able to control whether a client will look after their lashes when they leave you, ensuring that your client has all the information to help them care for their lashes will go along way because after all, a client with good after care will not get as many problems.

Opinions. We all have our opinion of what is too heavy for a natural lash. For this article I am assuming we are all happy with one single 0.20 per natural lash. If you like to stop at 0.15, take this into account when looking at the charts. Also for this article I am using the lighter and softer LashBase No.1 (synthetic) Mink lashes.

Chart one is numbers and gets a deeply mathematical. I have done this as it produces FACTS not guesses or opinions, just pure mathematical facts. The numbers in the chart are to define the precise area of a cross section of a lash. These figures are produced using that thing you heard a lot about at school “Pi-R-Squared” and then some more maths. The figures show the relative weight for example four 0.10 weigh the same as one 0.20 for any given length of lash. So if you are happy putting one 0.20 lash onto a client there is no weight difference to putting four 0.10 lashes on. Having said that, this is where the above variables come in. You need to consider the length of the lash, so realistically you would only put three 0.10 lashes on if they were more than 11mm in length.

Chart below shows Relative Volumetric Weight for accurate comparison. Size of lash thickness in mm and quantity of lashes used.

Size 1 2 3 4 5 6
0.05 0.0019 0.0039 0.0058 0.0077 0.0096 0.0115
0.07 0.0038 0.0077 0.0115 0.0154 0.0192 0.0231
0.10 0.0078 0.0157 0.0235 0.0314 0.0392 0.0471
0.15 0.0177 0.0354 0.0531 0.0708 0.0885 0.1060
0.20 0.0314 0.0628 0.0942 0.1256 0.1570 0.1884
0.25 0.0491 0.0982 0.1473 0.1964 0.2455 0.2946


So there you have it.

Feel free to share this blog and use it for your reference.

...And once again, thank you for reading!