Tips on how to choose the right lash artist

If you are looking to get eyelash extensions done for the first time, your new to an area or you are in need of a new lash artist then this blog is for you!

Written by Beth Pullen (@flourish_eyelash_and_beauty).

Here are some tips on what to look for in a lash artist...

Are they insured and qualified?

This is a big one! You can’t just pick up a pair of tweezers and decide to be a lash artist. It takes hard work, practice and knowledge, just like most industries you need to have good knowledge on what you are doing and the area you are working on. For lash artist the most ingrained part of our education is how to sterilize, clean, and have good treatment hygiene. Eyes are delicate and sensitive and require a lot of respect and attention when working near them. You would want the last artist to be insured just incase you need it, this protects you and also them and if an issue does pop up at anytime your lash artist should know how to handle it and support you.

Consultation forms and patch testing

With all treatments there are contra-indications, these are medical conditions or symptoms that may require the treatment to be altered or put on hold. These are found out and discussed between you and the lash artist whilst doing a consultation form.

Patch testing is 100% vital for several lash treatments! If you have a lash lift and tint and you haven’t been booked in for a patch test then there is no way you would know how you will react to the products. This can result in some consequences and a reaction could have been avoided if you do have an allergy. Patch test takes a couple of minutes and gives you great peace of mind. A Good lash artist should always offer this to you, if they have not then you shouldn’t have treatment with them.

Cleanliness and tidiness

You want to be able to relax and know that everything around you is clean and sterile. The work area should be tidy and the lash artist practices good hygiene, for example washing hands, sterilizing metal tools, cleaning the area and starting fresh for each client.

Photos and reviews

Before going to a lash artist check out their socials, not every lash artist will have loads of followers but if they have photos of their work up you can check what their style is. If you want a natural look and the lash artist social media is full of mega volume lashes then you might be better trying to find someone who’s style is more natural looking.

Reviews help to if you cant decided between two lash artist and one has 90% 5 star reviews and the other has 90% 1 star reviews it will help to know what sort of experience you will be getting.

Lash talk

Have a chat with your lash artist before your treatment, let them know what look you want to go for and show them photos (lash artist love when you use our own photos as inspiration) you want to be 100% happy with your lashes and your lash artist wants you to feel amazing after your treatment to. So Great communication between to two of you really helps before you begin.

 If you have questions for a lash artist then don’t be afraid to ask them. Any great lash artist will want to offer advice and support to ensure you are fully happy with your lash experience.

Feel confident and love your new lashes!

If you have anymore questions about this blog please feel free to contact me through Instagram @flourish_eyelash_and_beauty