Top tips for perfect placement of eyelash extensions

Written by Beth Pullen – Flourish Eyelash and Beauty.

Correct placement of lashes makes a huge difference in how a set of lash extensions look and also how they last. So, in this blog I’m going to share a few tips with you that I have learnt about different ways you can place lash extensions onto the natural lash.

Where can you place the lashes?

Lash extension don’t just have to be placed on the top of the lash. It’s okay to attach from the side and bottom as well. Just make sure the base of the extension is parallel to the natural lash, and you will have enough bonding surface. 

Attaching from the top is the most common method; it is for lashes that grow downwards or straight. 

Attaching from the side can make the lashes look fuller than they are, so this is perfect for filling in small gaps clients may have in their natural lashes. However, there may not be enough bonding surface to do this if their lashes are too curly. 

Attaching from underneath works great for clients with curly lashes or lashes that stick upwards. 

The perfect lash attachment is so important to ensure you have a great bond between the natural lash and the lash extension. This is giving your sets a great finish but also ensuring the natural lash is kept healthy and avoiding any pulling, clumping or sticking to surrounding lashes.

How far away from the lash line the lash extensions should be placed?

This should always be 0.5mm away from the skin, less than this or touching the skin can cause the skin/ lash follicle to be irritated which can cause issues like rubbing, swelling and itching. Too far away from the lash line you are leaving a visible gap, this can lead to dirt and oil getting trapped between and as a result losing lashes prematurely.

How much of the lash extension needs to be attached?

Every extension needs to be attached to the natural lash at least 2mm. it doesn’t matter what curl, length or direction if it isn’t secured enough it can pop off prematurely.  Some natural lashes grow sideways or bent so sometimes its not worth lashing these ones.

Where should an extension be placed?

90 degrees is the perfect angle for each lash extension to be placed. This is from the eyelid rather than the direction of hair growth, or your body position as the lash artist. When the lash extension is placed at a wider angle than 90 degrees on the inner corners it looks unflattering but also can cause irritation and rubbing for the client. 

Perfect placement in a set of eyelash extensions can really make your lash business be full with happy clients and you also spend less time sorting out problems due to poorly placed lashes.