Top Tips from a lash artist

Starting a new venture can always be daunting - particularly within an industry where the competition is HUGE.

Becoming a lash tech could be the best thing you decide to do for your business and if you do it correctly, you'll love it and thrive! 

Do you feel a bit like a rabbit in the headlights on where to begin? Well you've come to the right place. Here are 5 top tips to get you started in becoming a successful and happy lash technician...

Before you decide to take the plunge, you need to do your research - particularly on where to do your training. Are you going to go with the cheapest option because you just want to get your certificate and crack on? Or are you going to find a trainer who has a great reputation and plenty of experience? They may be a bit more expensive but you will make the money back so don't spend too much time overthinking. This also takes us onto the next point...

In money AND time! 

So we have established that training can be expensive, but you'll be given a kit to get you started - bonus! You are going to need to buy the essentials though; good lighting, beauty bed, lash pillow, trolley, etc so this will add up. Again, you'll earn it back and most items you will only have to purchase once. 

With regards to time; be flexible, book enough time out for clients, work those early mornings & late nights - it will all be worth it! 

Be prepared that your first sets are going to take you possibly double the time than they will once you are more experienced. 

If you put in the time, you can reap the rewards!  

It's a great move to follow other lash techs on social media. 

You'll get inspiration and it will lead to lots of networking. But try not to get too lost in the crazy world of being a beautician and start comparing your work to others. 

Everyone is on their own lash journey, you will be at a different stage of your adventure to many other people. So don't waste your time fretting that you're not where you want to be, you will get there!

Just because you have done your initial training, education does not stop there. You will be learning something new every day for the duration of your lash tech journey. 

Follow accounts on all socials like LashBase. They will educate you and you will learn so much about business, lash hacks, personalities of clients, retention and what to expect in the life of a lash tech! 

If you can keep all of these points in mind when starting up your new business, there is no doubt that you will love what you do and get the best out of your decision! 

This leads us onto the last top tip...

Be confident, yes at first you won't be. That is normal, but it will come! 

Confidence shines through in your work. Attempt that lash map, buy that M curl tray and accept the appointment to do lashes for a fellow lash tech.  

You've got this!

Written by our brand ambassador Laura Murray